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  1. If you use your old 2 x 1GB's, would the laptop see 2GB? If so, then try 1GB under keyboard, and 2GB in the other, and see if it sees 3GB. There could be a problem with slot A.
  2. Andy

    Without a Mac

    Few things to try: 1. For your model, look in org.chameleon.boot.plist in the bootpack. These are some of the flags you can set to get the iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded)/retail DVD to work. 2. When you used the SLD430 image, did you use the right bootpack for your model? 3. After you boot into OSX with -x, install EDP, then run the edptool.command from the Extra folder, choose option 1, and then the D630 model you have, also go through the options 2,3,4.
  3. Move appleHDA from S/l/e to trash, repair permissions in disk utilities or via multifail from tonycrap. I used the multifail. Reboot, and voodooHDA KP's are hopefully a thing of the past.
  4. I will call it a success, no KP after a week.
  5. Andy

    Without a Mac

    Few months ago, I used the iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) cd from tonycrap site and retail 10.6.0 dvd, followed the instruction from that site, booted into SL, then I installed EDP from this site. That got my D620 running. Later, I made the usb pen from the directions given here. USB + bootpack is a lot faster loading of osx.
  6. So far, no KP during the last 3 days. It definitely does not hurt. I will post in few days or if it KP's on voodooHDA.
  7. Hi Bronxtec, The appleHDA is in S/L/E . After I move it to trash, should I still rebuild EDP? I have voodooHDA in E/E . Thanks.
  8. I am still dealing with random KP's on voodooHDA. I read somewhere the appleHDA should be removed. I used the EDP2.2. Should I remove it manually? Thanks
  9. I had seen this before where the keyboard is not recognized or not detected. I use a USB keyboard/ USB Mouse to go along with the rest of install. Once EDP is installed and laptop is rebooted, keyboard would normally be detected. It is definitely a learning experience to be able to follow these instructions. But once you are successful installing it, then it gets easier. The USB pen is very useful when it comes to reinstalling the os , as is the case for most of us newbies. I took me 10 re-installs before I had the SL and win7 working together. Then a few more to get the Lion going. Happy new year.
  10. To make your USB drive, use the following the bootpack as provided for your model and desired OS: http://www.osxlatitude.com/supported-models/ Just extract the above zip file and place it on the USB stick.
  11. I think EDP and iFail are not compatible. You can download the D4x0bootimage10.6 from the bottom of the page: http://www.osxlatitude.com/creating-a-usb-pen-with-osx-installation/ then follow the instructions to make your USB pen drive. Use the bootpack for your Dell model to make your USB drive. Once 10.6 is installed, run EDP , then do the 10.6.8 combo update. Reboot, if needed, run EDP again.
  12. I tried this dsdt with my 10.6.0 , and it caused KP on voodooHDA. Do you have a MS U100? Thanks
  13. In case anyone else is interested, for other reasons ( touchpad/kB), I had to reinstall a couple of more times, and webcam is now detected and works in Ichat, is detected in Photobooth but does not work. But since mic or line in has been reported non-working for MSI U100, there is no real use for the webcam now. Thanks
  14. Andy

    D600 ?

    I had tried D610 but it did not want to load from the start, so I gave up on it and tried D620 core 2 duo. Go over to tonycrapx86 site, I have seen some older processors can take it but requires a lot of modifications.
  15. Tried option 4 for keyboard/mouse in EDP2.2 . The touch pad was jerky/almost non responsive, but Trackpad icon had items in it. After messing with it some, I ran edp and got the apple keyboard again. At least it works.
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