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  1. I had the same issue. I took a different approach. At first I though it was an EDID issue. I tried putting the EDID into the DSDT, but it didn't work. There were many possible reasons why this didn't work. So I tried with a vanilla DSDT and had no trouble getting to a desktop, but without graphics acceleration. Tried with graphics enabler and it worked great, it also listed the card as a Quadro NVS 140M 256 MB, without having to enter the specific information into the DSDT. As there were a few other issues without the other DSDT modifications, I chose to use the modified DSDT from here and restore the video section back to the original with "graphicsenabler=yes" in the org.chameleon.boot.plist. Everything works great and the system profiler has the actual video card information listed per the injection of chameleon. I attached my modified DSDT, just remember to use graphics enabler.
  2. I just prefer to keep IOAudioFamily.kext and OSvKernDSPLib.kext with AppleHDA.kext and Fake STAC in E/E, any OS update will replace AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E, resulting in no sound. Apple can update the IOAudioFamily.kext and OSvKernDSPLib.kext at anytime, breaking the sound also. Because of AppleHDA.kext dependencies, IOAudioFamily.kext and OSvKernDSPLib.kext also need to be in E/E. I'm not sure if this is the case with 0edp.kext. There are a few tools out that make patching AppleHDA easier, but unfortunately they do not recognize my STAC9200 dump as a valid linux dump. I will have to make the verbs manually, just something to take more time.
  3. I do not see why not. There may only be a few different pin configurations, I would think starting with an untouched appleHDA would be better though. I'm still very new to this and I'll will give it a try. I'm currently working with a STAC 9200 on a Gateway. If that works well, I'll take a codec dump from your machine. I'll let you know ASAP, as I have a few other things going on, it may be around a month or so. As for anyone else trying these files, you can install the AppleHDA and FakeSTAC into S/L/E, ignoring the other 2 files. I have not tested with 10.7.2.
  4. Here is what I found, seems to work better than voodoo HDA. (Works in 32 or 64 bit.) Please remove anything for using voodooHDA (s/l/e/voodoohda.kext, voodoo.prefpane, e/e/disabler.kext. Install contents of the .zip to Extra/Extensions using kextwizard. There are 4 files that need to be installed. 2 of them are the same for Snow or Lion. The other 2 are native to Snow or Lion and are in the respected folders. I have only tried this with a D630 EDP 1.9.1 and a D830 EDP 2.1. I can imagine if you are using EDP 2.2 and using kernelcache you would have to rebuild.sh to get the 0edp.kext to work. (Possibly removing the existing 0edp.kext first) Since I no longer have the D830 I will not be testing with EDP 2.2. I will upload the files as soon as I get home. Sorry for the confusion, it is for the STAC9205. I have been working on a STAC9200 in a gateway and mistakenly typed 9200. STAC9205 Snow&Lion.zip
  5. I believe this is what you are looking for. This is my modified version of the Alps trackpad PS2 driver to run in 64-bit mode. (Alps PS2 Trackpad + Keyboard) I do not remember who made the originals, but I believe it is AnV and Slice. (This is more of a sloppy patch, than the work that was put in buy the 2 geniuses mentioned. Thanks guys!) Tested on a Latitude D630 running 10.6.8 and a Latitude D830 running 10.7.1. This also allows for the use of the stock trackpad.prefpane, with 2 finger scrolling options, also in 64-bit mode. (System preferences doesn't relaunch into 32-bit) Loadable from /Extra/Extensions/. Delete anything with PS2 in the /Extra/Extensions, and install both of these with kext wizard. Hopefully it will be included in the next release of EDP. Let me know if it works for you? Actually, let me know how it works for anyone. Alps PS2 64-bit built in track pad.zip
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