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  1. Hi I was reading about mlpostfactor: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1325709 Would this really enable Intel950 support on a D430? I think it somehow forces a 32bit mode and so uses 32bit drivers? Beyond me ... any comments?
  2. OK, thought about this a bit more - obvious: run Chameleon from USB key I made for the install, F8, select the OSX partition on my HDD. Once in OSX, install chameleon onto the HDD partition again.
  3. Thanks - that makes sense. Any pointers for how this can be done with a non-booting system (USB key, alternative OS)? I did a quick google, but was only able to find directions once in OSX. incidentally, I have managed to suffer from this problem without any BIOS changes ... but I can't reproduce it easily - I have just updated my mainboard to a D430 and am waiting on correct memory so I can install OSX Lion. I have reverted to the old process, so wrote my SL DVD to a USB key, installed, then installed Chameleon + EDP 1.9.2
  4. Hi - thanks, I should have tried that already - however, it did not work. Obviously, I can re-install. I was just hoping there was some kind of way I could change the "ID" of the disk the bootloader is looking for. I see this is possible in the help that comes up in the bootloader, but I don't know how to determine if that's the fault or how to change.
  5. Ha! Good questions. Yes - HDD password in the BIOS. Tried removing it, and still no boot. It's my guess that the password caused it; I noticed I got a "please wait" when I set the password for the first time, making me suspect something is written to disk.
  6. From my reading around (it's confusing) I think the key thing is Core Duo or Core 2 Duo. I have a D420 using a 1.2GHz Core Duo. Processor ID is 06EC Intel says this is 32bit instruction set : http://ark.intel.com/products/27240/Intel-Core-Duo-Processor-U2500-%282M-Cache-1_20-GHz-533-MHz-FSB%29 So, this is definitely "dual core" but not 64bit therefore NO Lion install possible. I think an update/guidance on the EDP page to check your processor ID might help some confusion. The requirement is both dual core + 64bit instruction set (please, correct me if I am wrong) Finally, off topic, a bit. Incidentally, for Snow Leopard, I have used the "single core" EDP pack successfully ... no idea if the "dual core" EDP pack would work ... might try it one day. Also, I have bought a d430 "base" on ebay that I hope I can transplant into my D420 and get me the Lion!
  7. Hi all Had decided to re-install SL on my D420 (duo) - first time using the myHack app - excellent! I removed the bios (system) password during install, just for convenience. Once installed and EDP set up, and after a number of successful reboots, I move to enabling sleep. However, I incorrectly set an HDD password, not the system one. Now my system does not boot up. If I run boot using -v I get rooting via boot-uuid from chosen: [long sequence of characters] From path: "uuid", Waiting on [blah] "still waiting for root device" I assume because setting an HDD password somehow changes the way the HDD appears to the boot loader. Obviously I can reinstall, but I wondered if there is a way to configure it to use the "new" HDD? Thanks for any help. I can take a photo of the screen if the text is relevant. I was thinking if I can determine the correct device ID I can tell this to the bootloader.. ?
  8. Thanks very much - BIOS to defaults fixed it! I already had the password set.
  9. Hi I have a D420 working well now on SL 10.6 but cannot get sleep to work. Spec - D420 dualcore with 2gb memory, broadcom wireless (replaced) Snow Leopard 10.6 Steps taken so far: Followed WIKI guidance on fixing sleep Using: EDP 1.9.1, and then EDP 1.9.2 from a previous post from Leon (fixed sound for me) both with and without "nullcpupowermanagement" (though I think I shouldn't expect sleep to work when this is installed) without sleepenabler.kext Not tried: sleepenabler.kext (I am not sure how to identify the right one to use) updating to a more recent SL version (reading about networking issues, so want to avoid) Laptop never successfully goes to sleep. With nullcpupowermanagement, press power button, select sleep: screen goes off, but fan etc does not power down, power light does not pulse and I am unable to wake - have to force a reboot with long press of power button. Without nullcpupowermanagement, press power button, select sleep: screen goes off, powers down, power light pulses. If I press the power button again, I get a full reboot. Keyboard, trackpad buttons do not wake. Not sure what else to check or reconfigure next... Thanks in advance for any advice
  10. Hi - just registered to say thanks to all the experts here on this forum. I have a fully functioning D420 using OSX thanks to the resources here. I did have a problem with audio - did not work after EDP was run. I fixed it using EDP 1.9.2 and the advice from Leon provided - wanted to share, as I found no other mention of the problem/solution for D420 (though I know it quite similar to a D430, for which this advice was given) Leon on 18 October 2011 - 04:40 AM, said: Try this pre-beta of 1.9.2 : http://cl.ly/420U3k0C3y1k0k102F2e 1. remove your /Extra 2. Unzip the zip to /Extra 3. Run edptool.command 4. Reboot Hope it's OK to link to the download. Original thread is here, not sure if this link will work? https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/750-no-sound-after-running-edp/page__p__5042__hl__%2Bd430+%2Bno+%2Baudio__fromsearch__1#entry5042 Cheers Balchy
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