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  1. I have the same issue. Display doesn't recover from display sleep. When I come back to the laptop and the display is asleep, I just close the lid wait for a couple seconds and reopen and that seems to make the display work again.
  2. aaahh you were right. At some point i had installed the voodoohda 2.7.2 pkg as an attempt to make sound work. I did a more thorough search of anything voodoo and deleted everything.... sudo find / -iname *voodoo*. Deleted /Extra, installed edp 2.2, and ran the script. Now I have sound working. Thanks!
  3. The voodoohda kernel panics on every boot. I've tried deleting applehda from s/l/e and editing the Info.plist to list my specific vendor and device id. I've tried deleting /Extra and re-installing edp 2.2. Still no luck. I can boot up with -x and everything else seems to work. The only missing piece is sound. I've attached a picture of the kernel panic output.
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