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  1. 300$ MacBook !!! Install Snow leopard(SL) on Dell D630(only nvidia) perfect all drivers working wid minor problems like sleep etc. Dell MacBook under 300$.!!! Beginner level 1. Why u need to install Mac ? Bcz -Different os -To use some cool features like expose,spaces,dashboard etc Smooth , no crashes no delay in Internet connection and beautiful ui. - Drawbacks U can't use few apps which u can get for windows.. U can't get that perfect user experience or fluid as u can use original mac bcz of old nvidia quadro 135 m graphics hardware. Using iFail s3 v2 but u can also install this using retail snow leopard but u cant find drivers in that and u need retail SL DVD . This iFail will find the torrents in the Internet . Problems u may face for the installation Minimum 4 gb(must) ram ddr2 800mhz better and core 2 duo and nvidia quadro 135 m and atleast 20 gb free space. 1. Kernel panic 2.drivers 3.Start up problem ( boot through that partition) Solutions :- 1.Solution for problem 1.happen in old motherboards When u start ur pc press f2 enter setup / bios --Onboard - Sata-- change to ahci -and enable-flash cache module. -save If it wouldnt work -Change security - tpm security and tpm activation . Save This will work 2. U need to find ur network drivers and others will be same as mine version before install mac How?? Start-right click-manage-network -broadcom netxtreme 57xx-properties-details-driver node strong name.-mine is bcm5755 U can find ur driver version If u can't find these versions u should install kexts for these afterwards using kext utilities . Mainly Ethernet drivers present in iFail are broadcom bcm440x,bcm5755m(32 bit),bcm5787m(32 bit) imp part of drivers if ur driver is not present in this list u can install that driver manually . 3.from windows for dual boot or only mac using windows 7/vista/8 dev DVD Partition of 20g good Commands:* 1. Do not have windows installed then use windows boot DVD and go to repair-cmd. 2.from Windows start- cmd run ad administrator . 3.go to computer management -disk management - create partition 20g better ,by using shrink on free space partition -delete until it get black ( unallocated space)/if windows is not installed follow step 1 and add some commands for this - tell u in the nxt step. 4.cmd Type diskpart Select disk 0.(This is zero) ----- - step 2 People U already created unallocated space in step 3 so, Type create partition primary Id=af -- Step 1 List partition Select partition x(partition to install Mac) Delete Type create partition primary Id=af ----- Active Exit This partition in ready to boot 1st at stat up after u install Mac. . Insert DVD press f12 one time boot Select iFail s3 v2 Press Enter Disk utility Select u r partition for Mac erase it as Mac os ( journled) Next Customize Imp 1.chameleon v2 rc5 2.32- bit boot 3.graphic enabler 4.-pci1 5./extra dir 6.fakesmc 7.disabler 8.rtc(32 bit). Imp 9.evo reboot 10.Sata intel Sata/IDE 11. Sound - voodoo hda 12.ps/2 apple ps/2 13.voodoo p-state 14. Battery-card reader-tsc sync-acpi thermal (32bit) 15.ntfs-3G 16.wireless - broadcom 17.wired - broadcom bcm5755m (32 bit) mine 18. Language u like U r done. Start -Things u need to do -Enable dock features -Enable spaces and expose(hot corners) from settings -Settings- wallpaper chane it for every one minute((must)to keep graphic card at higher clock/ to minimize graphic lag). -Download perian to run all videos Install latest iTunes -Google Chrome useful to view text in large size preferences change page view/ zoom 120-144% better viewing ( bigger text). Ms office 2011 torrents u can find for mac. -if u get k panic after installing iTunes just reboot again to fix that. Not work sleep , complete shut down . Now my pc had windows 8 dev preview and Mac snow leopard DO NOT UPDATE DO NOT UPDATE DO NOT UPDATE !!!!!!! PLZ HELP ME TO INSTALL LION !!!! ??? Enjoy Dell d630 nvidia. Wid Mac under 300$.
  2. hi dude i am trying to install lion on my dell d630 nvidia but i cant will u plz help me with a good guid and before when i installed snow leopard on my dell d630 nvidia ..graphic card lag is there ,did u solve this problem in lion?? plz help me to install lion on mine ... bye
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