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  1. Thank you Andy, it worked ! Can't believe it was that simple. I actually tryied to overwrite the extra, instead of delete/replace. Thank you so much, you and everyone here. If the wifi card bought on ebay works, i'll have a fully functionnal d620 hackintosh thanks to you. Best regards.
  2. Hi there, First of all, I'm french, please forgive my english. I'm new to this hackintosh thing and to the Mac OS universe. I'm a student in computer programming. I wanted to try xcode but I can't afford to buy a mac at this time, so I decided to install my own hackintosh on my "old" d620. I try to read a lot about it, to do things by myself, and I want to thank you all for your great work, tutos, tools... It's amazing, realy. I installed osx 10.6 to 10.6.8, then Lion until 10.7.2. I also installed edp 2.2beta, almost everything is working great. I have two problem that, after hours searching, I can't solve by myself, I'm still too new on this mac platform. The first one is wifi not working, but I figured out that i have an intel 3945, so I bought a DELL DW1395 BROADCOM Apple rebranded from ebay. This one should work, doesn't it? I'll see in a couple of days anyway. My second and most important problem is sound is not working (and has never worked through all my installation process, from snow leopard 10.6.x edp 1.9.1 to lion 10.7.2 with edp 2.2b). It's a sigmatel 9200, I tried latest voodooHDA, it caused kernel panic so I uninstalled it through safe boot. I don't know what to do to get this sigmatel 9200 sound card work. So finally I decided to ask. It's killing me cause I really wanted to install my hackintosh without asking, just by myself, searching, trying... But it's a dead end. So here is my question: do you have a solution for this sigmatel 9200 under lion 10.7.2? Do you need any information that can help you to help me? Again, thank you. Regards.
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