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  1. I just got an e6400 (waiting for it to be delivered) and want to install Lion onto it.


    Since there is not an E.D.P. and bootpack for the e6400 which is the best way to install and configure Lion?


    Mariusz posts are fantastic, but for a noob like me I like step by steps.

    dafob's step by step here is good but I want to use the Lion app that I purchased.


    So I've created the USB stick and not put anything else in it.


    Would the correct way be to copy Mariusz's dsdt.aml to /Extra, install Chameleon, install the applicable kexts from Mariusz's 0EDP.kext pack (not exactly sure how -- I have used multifail before and I have used kext wizard but have not install kexts any other way)?


    What exactly does the E.D.P. do?

    Regarding the bootpacks, are they basically a dsdt and other kexts that help to boot each specific Latitude model?

    Can you use the D630 bootpack and E.D.P. with an e6400?


    Thanks for your help!



    Read this post regarding boot pack.

  2. Hi Mariusz,


    First of all thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing everything with the rest of us! I have never used a Mac before so this was quite a challenge for me, but after working on this for about 12 hours yesterday I managed to get my E6400 up and running smoothly! I have the same setup as you with a P9600 chip. As I'm typing this I just noticed that it is not in your list. The problem I'm having is that I can't shut the computer down. Screen goes blank but the hard drive stays on. Everything is the same as your setup except for the chip and the WiFi card (i have the intel 5100). I am using your kexts and your latest dsdt.aml file (I replaced this on the USB stick prior to installation...it doesn't need to be replaced again right?). If you have any ideas as to why shut down won't work I'd love to hear it. Thanks again!



    Strange the shutdown fix should work.

    Anyways try this DSDT: dsdt-shutdown.aml.zip

    Just rename it to dsdt.aml and replace in /Extra/

  3. I followed the instructions originally posted by Mariusz-fantastic! Thanks ever so....


    Just one thing is not working-my DVD has an 'Initialization error' (see attachment)


    'A valid video device could not be found for playback'


    Any ideas how this can be corrected?






    post-3204-078436100 1330643925_thumb.png


    As fare as I remember this is because DVD Player expects internal drive but OSX sees it as external. You can patch DVD Player by replacing Internal instances with External (in HEX ofcourse). Google DVD Player external patch for a solution or just forget about DVD Player and use VLC.


    But the patching is simple. Search for all 496E7465726E616C and replace with 45787465726E616C in DVD Players binary.

  4. Dear Mariusz:


    today I met same problem, because no nic is working for me.

    AppleIntelE1000e.kext is not working at all.


    After I found your bootpack-e6X00.zip and upzip to /Extra, of course, produce new serial no. to test, it is 1st good for me that keyboard, blue mouse integrated, and touchpad working well together. Before this pack, my mouse only blue working well, and touchpad is alway random jumping.

    I just keep the bootpack-e6X00.zip unziped dsdt.aml.


    How ever, what Mr. Mariusz's VoodooHDA.kext for IDT is not working, actuall it will make 5 nation lanague, so I boot from USB pen and rm -rf /Volumn/lion/S/L/E/VoodooHDA.kext then it can be boot from USBpen then continue boot from HDD inside normal.


    How ever Intel82566 and E1000 is not working, I chked it is real 0x10F5 which AppleIntele1000e should be including support.


    I have a question, if I get myself E6500 dsdt.aml from the my debian system ? Or is there something to modify the dsdt.aml


    Yes there is. You must do some essential edits to your vanilla dsdt: HPET, PCI, RTC, IRQ's cleanup, etc

    Extract your dsdt.aml from debian and compare it against my dsdt, you will have a general idea what was changed.

    I recomend you use this DSDT editor.

  5. dear Mr.Mariusz,

    China Great Firewall Blocked 1.95 Version e1000e.kext website, I just checked. can you mail it here? or [email protected] ? And one more, how2 check my lion in 32 or 64 bit working? i just found install from usb pen with i386 faster than x64.

    anyway I will try iwn4965 for my wifi5300, in FreeBSD, wifi5300 use the iwn4965, today I am lucky. finally I will write a full description of my recording. why I cannot upload my picture or files here?


    Here You go: AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip



    FORCE copy AppleAzaliaAudio.kext and VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E then Kext Utilty run once, reboot, IDT works


    Force copy new AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext in S/L/E then Kext Utility once, reboot, Integrated mouse works.


    How ever, Mr. Mariusz's INTEL82566 and Bluetooth, VoodooSDHC do same, no dead, how ever, they did not work.


    That is the latest news. I hope someone can give me a kext for my Intel 82567 LAN. Thanks a lot. Have a good weekend.


    Lion 10.7.2 is almost near ready on E6500

    The lan kext is 64bit specific, it won't run in 32bit. You can search for older version here and there or use this.

  7. ...

    Please, what process did you use for installing Lion?


    I have tried xfail, unifail, and myhack but no luck. only xfail started the install process then on reboot got a kp. the other will not even boot the install.


    How do you install Lion?


    Thank you very much for you time.


    1. Choose whatever method for preparing USB Lion install media (I favor myHack)

    2. Add content of a boot pack to the install media

    3. boot and install :)


    Here is my boot pack for your Lion install USB pen: bootpack-e6X00.zip

  8. Hi Mariusz,

    I've installed Lion 10.7.0 on my D630 X3100 graphics with 1440x900 res, I'm trying to follow your solution, beacuse I didn't have good graphics acceleration, but after the boot I have a black screen and only works the video with the external VGA out.


    Have I done something wrong?


    Thank you for your help in advance!

    Have you tried DSDT from this post?

  9. On my D630/nvidia, downloaded and installed 2.2 EDP on 10.7.2


    Every few boots or so, I get stuck on [PCI Configuration Begin].


    I've added npci=0x2000, 0x3000, etc


    I have also tried both D630 Intel and Nvidia packs and I get the same problems.


    Why do I keep getting stuck at [PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN]???


    Sometimes it doesn't show up for 3 boots or so, then it shows up 3 restarts in a row.


    Thanks in advance!

    To fix it you should use Kernel Flag npci=0×2000 or apply dsdt fix for Device (PCI0):

    change line:

    Name (_ADR, Zero)

    with this:

    Name (_UID, Zero)

  10. Yes it works!

    The file "SLE.zip" contains the file "IO8021Family.kext" - I have renamed "IO80211Family.kext" and my wifi works.

    Error in file "SLE.zip"? or in some people it works like that?

    Anyway for me to handle this solved my problem :)

    Now I will try an Combo Update 10.7.3 and coming back to you.


    10.7.3 ok - Wireless ok :)

    Very big Think "Mariusz" for your tutorial.

    My bad. I have fixed the file name inside SLE.zip and updated first post.

  11. Base Unit: Latitude E6400, Intel Core 2 Duo P8400, 2.26GHz, 1066MHz 3M

    L2 Cache, Dual Core

    Memory: 8.0GB, DDR2â€800 SDRAM, 2 DIMM

    Keyboard: Internal Backlit English Keyboard for Latitude E

    Documentation: Documentation (English) Latitude Eâ€Family/Mobile Precision

    Video Card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M, 256MB With PCâ€Card

    Hard Drive: 500GB Hard Drive 9.5MM,7400RPM

    Fingerprint Reader: Internal Fingerprint Reader Latitude E6400

    LCD: 14.1 inch Wide WXGA Antiglare Screen for Latitude E6400

    Finish: Black Finish for WXGA Backlight LCD, Latitude E6400

    Webcam:: Integrated webcam with single digital microphone, Latitude

    Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth 2.1 Minicard for Latitude E/Mobile Precision

    Power Adapter: 90W 3â€Pin, AC Adapter for Latitude Eâ€Family

    Power Cord: US â€3â€FT, 3â€Pin Flat Eâ€FamilyPower Cord for Latitude Eâ€Family

    CDâ€ROM or DVDâ€ROM Drive:

    8X DVD+/â€RW for Latitude Eâ€Family

    Wireless: Intel WiFi Link 5300 (802.11 a/g/n 3X3) 1/2 MiniCard

    Quick Reference Guide for Latitude E6400

    Feature 6â€Cell/54â€WHr Battery for Latitude E/Mobile Precision



    Mac Lion 10.7.3 Install Possible 100%??????????????

    Thank u so much!


    Yes you have the same configuration as me (minus the Intel wifi) so yes it will work. Just remember to replace wifi with dell wireless 1510 or other compatible one and You are good to go.

  12. Where would I find this for my machine? Is it in the BIOS?


    I tried booting up my 6510 using a drive from another system and it looked like it was on it's way to boot and then gave me a KP saying something to effect "Mac version or machine not defined/configured (something like that)... Don't have machine with me to give the exact error, but thought it might have something to do with the above.

    You need real mac serial number.

    Here are some serial numbers from MacbookPro5,5






    I guess I'll edit the post to save users from this.

  13. This is not vanilla DSDT, but anyways I can see that it is a totally different structure comparing to my E6400. Your dsdt look like it was treated by some kind of auto patcher. Do speedstep, shutdown, restart works?

    I encourage you to update your post and add more details/specs about your hardware, what kexts you are using etc. You can use my E6400 thread as a template. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Stork.

    Nice to see Your research on E6420. To be honest I was thinking about getting one but I've got E6400 1/3 the price so it was no brainier witch one to choose :)

    I'm interested in DSDT differences. Dump clean DSDT.aml from linux and share.

    Anyways good luck.

  15. Moral of story: When trying to hackintosh, use the legit copy. It's only $30 bucks! Click here to buy it.


    Atheros AR5B91 That card is from the Sony Vaio, but over at the InsanelyMac forums, they love it because it works OOB (out of box).


    I'll be back to these forums with an update on how the install went. Eventually I plan on making a tutorial, because all the other one's are from 2009.


    Good to have another E6400 NVS160m user here. I agree - use legit copy - I have bought Lion on my iTunes account. I'm waiting on how you will progress in OSX install, a specially in case of sleep with your T9600 CPU.

    Also it is good to know that Atheros AR5B91 works out of box - do test it against Lion and confirm that.

    As for tutorial You can use the one on wiki more or less - this will work for SL and Lion. All you basically need is chameleon pen drive with dsdt and fakesmc.kext (if you use external USB keyboard/mouse) - I'll share mine on the second post soon.


    Also I encourage all users to update their signature and include simple hardware/software specs of theirs OSXLatitudes.

  16. Here's the weird part: I deleted all my kexts, smbios.plist, and org.chameleon.Boot.plist so I could try out your files from the second post to get sleep working (Still can't get it working, by the way... I GIVE UP ON SLEEP!). Re-installed VoodooSDHC.kext and now the SD Card reader is not working -- locks up the entire system when you insert an SD Card.


    So next, I wiped out the HDD and reinstalled LION again using my kexts and SD Card reader is working again. I'm even using your DSDT.aml. The only thing different between the two setups are smbios.plist, org.chameleon.Boot.plist, and 0EDP.kext. There must be an incompatible kext in your kext pack that's preventing VoodooSDHC.kext from working correctly. Your list of kexts is almost identical to mine.


    All extensions are installed to S/L/E. Or perhaps it's something in smbios.plist or org.chameleon.Boot.plist?


    I'll do more testing and see if I can figure this out...

    OK I have a working SD Card Reader with new VoodooSDHC.kext now. (posts updated)

    What interests me now is why you are unable to put your laptop to sleep. Share more info about your BIOS ver and configuration, maybe I could replicate your config and see if mine won't go to sleep to.

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