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    What I did in summary:

    1. Apple ALC + Lilu did not work in LE. Worked in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/other.
    2. AppleHDA.kext in /S/L/E is native untouched 10.14.5 version.
    3. CodecCommander doesn't have a provision for ALC225 / 3253.  I have tried out the latest from rehabman in LE. With that headphone doesn't get detected. Then I patched CodecCommander by making a provision for ALC225. As Headphone is at node 0x21, I have used the command 0x21 SET_UNSOLICITED_ENABLE 0x83 in Custom Commands. With this headphone shows up in sound devices, but doesn't work. It worked once without distortion with the 3.5 mm jack half inserted. Then I put the machine to sleep. After waking there was headphone distortion. Then I switched to internal speaker. Internal speaker works. Then I inserted the jack again. Now the headphone doesn't work. That is the current status. 
    4. DSDT patched for IRQ (DSDT.aml) + SSDT-UIAC (for USB port limit)  + SSDT-XOSI (for trackpad)
    5. config.plist audio layout 33 (same result for 28 and 30 as well)



    1. Internal Speaker works, USB Audio works (Can plug in headphone there, they work. This doesn't need AppleALC to work))
    2. Headphone worked once. Distorted after sleep-wake. Dont work now after switching back to Int Speakers


    Please see attached troubleshooting files. 


  2. Thanks for your excellent guide InsanelyDeepak. Learnt a lot. Followed the guide and patched AppleHDA kext. HDMI patch not yet applied. Please see file pin_configs.txt to see the process I have followed to generate ConfigData in HDAConfigDefault.

    Patched AppleHDA.kext in /s/l/e

    DSDT is patched for layout=2 and IRQ

    SSDT-UIAC and SSDT-XOSI required for USB port limit and trackpad respectively

    Other ACPI patches applied through config.plist


    Result: No devices .  ( I get the same result using Mirone's AppleHDAPatcher v1.9)


    Please help


  3. My sound works without headphones with Apple ALC. With codec commander headphones  also work, but on waking up from sleep headphones emit a screeching noise. ACPIPlugFix and hda-verb are ineffective. But thanks I will post at the link you suggested.

  4. Look at the list posted in R&D->Wifi section.

    Have checked out everything that googling led me to .


    I can only connect to unsecured wifi networks, which almost don't exist, not even at home. Is there any reason why the Mavericks could distort entered passwords?


    With my other OS X machines that connect to my home secured wifi I get a MAC AUTH succeeded and Airport Link up message during boot up. What is MAC AUTH, and why would it fail. I want expert advice please....

  5. I have installed OS X 10.9 on my latitude E6400. Everything including ethernet and sound are working, except wifi. 


    I have BCM4312, so I used did various things including copying and AirPortBrcm4311.kext into the original IO80211Family.kext (and applying chmod +x), replacing IO80211Family.kext with my working Lion kext (I could never update to Mountain Lion and gave up). Replacing IONetworkingFamily.kext. After these procedures, the wifi does show up but I always get "Connection failed".  I noticed that that the wifi connects only when there is no WPA Personal or  WPA2 Personal key. But I cannot disable wifi security key in my network for security reasons. 


    Could anybody tell me what the problem could be?

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