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  1. Thanks. Here it is, taken from the previously sent troubleshooting zip. insane.zip
  2. @InsanelyDeepak - Yes I did AppleHDA Binary patching. I am attaching the latest trouble_shooting_files. Apart from the mandatory files you need there is also a folder called working_files_for_patching.zip which includes a file called default_config.txt that shows my process of getting to the corrected verbs and paths. trouble_shooting_files.zip
  3. Yes please. I need help in patching. My troubleshooting files are attached in earlier post.
  4. What I did in summary: Apple ALC + Lilu did not work in LE. Worked in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/other. AppleHDA.kext in /S/L/E is native untouched 10.14.5 version. CodecCommander doesn't have a provision for ALC225 / 3253. I have tried out the latest from rehabman in LE. With that headphone doesn't get detected. Then I patched CodecCommander by making a provision for ALC225. As Headphone is at node 0x21, I have used the command 0x21 SET_UNSOLICITED_ENABLE 0x83 in Custom Commands. With this headphone shows up in sound devices, but doesn't work. It worked once without distortion with the 3.5 mm jack half inserted. Then I put the machine to sleep. After waking there was headphone distortion. Then I switched to internal speaker. Internal speaker works. Then I inserted the jack again. Now the headphone doesn't work. That is the current status. DSDT patched for IRQ (DSDT.aml) + SSDT-UIAC (for USB port limit) + SSDT-XOSI (for trackpad) config.plist audio layout 33 (same result for 28 and 30 as well) Result: Internal Speaker works, USB Audio works (Can plug in headphone there, they work. This doesn't need AppleALC to work)) Headphone worked once. Distorted after sleep-wake. Dont work now after switching back to Int Speakers Please see attached troubleshooting files. jlo_troubleshooting_files.zip
  5. Thanks for your excellent guide InsanelyDeepak. Learnt a lot. Followed the guide and patched AppleHDA kext. HDMI patch not yet applied. Please see file pin_configs.txt to see the process I have followed to generate ConfigData in HDAConfigDefault. Patched AppleHDA.kext in /s/l/e DSDT is patched for layout=2 and IRQ SSDT-UIAC and SSDT-XOSI required for USB port limit and trackpad respectively Other ACPI patches applied through config.plist Result: No devices . ( I get the same result using Mirone's AppleHDAPatcher v1.9) Please help trouble_shooting_files.zip
  6. My sound works without headphones with Apple ALC. With codec commander headphones also work, but on waking up from sleep headphones emit a screeching noise. ACPIPlugFix and hda-verb are ineffective. But thanks I will post at the link you suggested.
  7. Hi. Is this thread alive? I have tried to repeat the whole process for ALC225 on a Dell Latitude E5280, i5-7200U HD620 Kabylake notebook. No devices. I can post my problem-report files.
  8. I did replace airdportd, but my lion installation's airportd, and one or two I picked up from the net. In all cases it made the menu bar wifi icon go unresponsive with a spinning wheel when letting the cursor hover over it.
  9. The building entrance Rangoli and the artist Kameshwari

  10. Have checked out everything that googling led me to . I can only connect to unsecured wifi networks, which almost don't exist, not even at home. Is there any reason why the Mavericks could distort entered passwords? With my other OS X machines that connect to my home secured wifi I get a MAC AUTH succeeded and Airport Link up message during boot up. What is MAC AUTH, and why would it fail. I want expert advice please....
  11. I have installed OS X 10.9 on my latitude E6400. Everything including ethernet and sound are working, except wifi. I have BCM4312, so I used did various things including copying and AirPortBrcm4311.kext into the original IO80211Family.kext (and applying chmod +x), replacing IO80211Family.kext with my working Lion kext (I could never update to Mountain Lion and gave up). Replacing IONetworkingFamily.kext. After these procedures, the wifi does show up but I always get "Connection failed". I noticed that that the wifi connects only when there is no WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal key. But I cannot disable wifi security key in my network for security reasons. Could anybody tell me what the problem could be?
  12. Installing OS X Maverick on my MacBook. Tomorrow it will be my old Dell Latitude"s turn.

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