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  1. You guys bring up valid points about listing the specs for the guides, so even though most of the required specs are already listed I'll do my part and update my guides to make them a bit clearer.
  2. This might have to do with the modified FakeSMC in my bootpack, as one of the other members Darvinko brought to my attention a few months back. I'll post a generic FakeSMC version later when I get the chance, but you can also search around for a generic FakeSMC.kext.
  3. The update to DP3 via the App Store was also straight forward and uneventful for the E6400/E6500/M4400. Everything seems to be working as it did in DP2.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll update tonight and report back if anything unusual comes up.
  5. Since no one has started a thread for 10.9 on the E6400, I'll give it a shot and hopefully spark some interest and discussion. Although this is mainly for the E6400, I suspect it'll work for the E6500 and M4400 w/ similar hardware. I've successfully installed Mavericks 10.9 GM on an E6400 (nVidia NVS160 graphics), building on my Mountain Lion guide. So far, everything that worked in ML 10.8.5 works in 10.9 GM: wireless, graphics (w/ full QE/CI), bluetooth, etc. Unlike ML, the nVidia kexts do not need modifications for full graphics acceleration (those w/ Intel graphics: sorry, you're sti
  6. I can also confirm Darvinko's findings in his thread that there doesn't seem to be any issues updating to 10.8.4. I ran the update straight from the App store (from Software Update) and all went well. Didn't have to modify or remove any kexts this time (yay!) -- probably because this was a small smaller update and there weren't significant changes. As stated in the other thread, ignore the error at the end of the update. Reboot, repair permissions and/or run a full myFix and all should be well.
  7. I've been playing w/ the new FakeSMC/SMBios mods based on Herve's instructions. I modified the SMC version in FakeSMC to 1.48f2, based on what I could find for the MacBookPro5,3. It might be the placebo effect, but the E6400 system seems to run a bit cooler than before. HWMonitor shows that the CPU speeds are adjusting, as are temps. The graphics also seem to be snappier (again, might be the placebo effect). I'm not using NullCPUPowerManagement.kext or SleepEnabler.kext, but I'm one of the few that have sleep working. Anyways, if anyone else is brave enough, please test and r
  8. I take no credit for this guide. Hervé and the folks at MacRumors did all the heavy lifting. All I did was do some testing and tweaking to get all their hard work and research working on the Dell Latitude D530. What follows is a result of everyone's efforts... This guide applies to the D530 1400x1050 models. This guide was made with purchased copy of ML 10.8.0. It was not tested with purchased copies of ML 10.8.1, 10.8.2 or 10.8.3. Contributions/confirmations/issues are welcome on that matter. The attached bootpack was made out of the D630 nVidia ML bootpack and the DSDT
  9. Confirmed working on a D430. Thanks for the detailed instructions!
  10. Man, aint that the truth! I've tried every which way to install/update (App store and combo) to 10.8.3 and each and every time the OS wouldn't load w/o re-editing the 3 new nVidia kexts. I didn't have any VoodooHDA (2.7.4) issues but probably because I use AppleHDADisabler. I'll add the edited files to this thread for those in my situation; hopefully others are in your boat and don't run into any video issues. My two desktops (both ASUS boards) updated w/o incident. Go figure...
  11. For anyone interested, finally got 10.8.3 installed and working. Took a little effort so going to do more testing, but long story short: had to insert the DeviceID's into the 3 new nVidia kexts again. 1st post updated with the new editited nVidia kexts for 10.8.3.
  12. Hey Darvinko, Did you have to do modify the nVidia kexts? I tried updating to 10.8.3 and it never boots back into the OS. Seems to be stuck loading graphics like before. So tried modifying the 2 nvidia kexts but the strings aren't even in these new versions. Manually added the values and now it KP's on NVDAResman. Any thoughts? EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out. Stupid me forgot to modify the 3rd kext (GeForce.kext). After replacing these 3 files, and doing a repair, system booted back up. I'd still like to know how you got yours to 10.8.3 without having to modif
  13. iMick, you can grab the zip file from the first post of this thread, which is the "Extra" folder. I have my E6400 working pretty well. Even sleep/wake works (though not 100% of the time). I've edited the file and removed VoodooPowerMini.kext as it doesn't really do anything. A few people have successfully got ML up and running following these instructions so it should be legit. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
  14. Should be fine. I've been updating without any issues and I'm on 10.8.2.
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