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  1. Why is the E6400 listed as not being compatible? I had OS X 10.8.2 running really good for a long time now. Is it possible to upgrade to 10.8.5? How about 10.9?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I tried it an had a problem. Tried booting with -v and it stopped after: Intel82566MM INFO: Link is up 1000Mbps Full Duplex, Flow control:RX/TX Good thing I had a Superduper! backup. Used that one again and the Chameleon Wizard to install Boot0hfs and I am back in business. I was under the impression that SuperDuper! would have made it bootable, but it did not. I had a Boot: error, but fixed it by booting from another backup. Thanks for the superb support!!
  3. I have everything working perfect on an E6400 with ML 10.8.2 Will it be Ok to upgrade to 10.8.3 or will that break something? Thanks for any comment.
  4. I followed DaFOB instructions and everything worked fine in my E6400 with ML, except I was getting VoodooPowerMini: Failed to get full power management control of CPU messages, so I downloaded EDP (Install EDP.dmg) and after installing it was never able to reboot again. I am doing another reinstall using only DeFOB instructions. Is the EDP no good for ML on E6400?
  5. Finally, my E6400 is working good with Lion thanks to the following fixes: 1) Problem when entering password on App Store fixed with: Please search for:“An Unknown Error Has Occurred †App Store Login Problem Solution Hackintosh By Alok Yadav 2) Fixed boot up problem with Audio due to 2 audio devices (regular and HDMI). Before that I was only able to boot on Safe mode and had no audio. Fixed using VoodooHDA-v2.8.2.x32.x64.SL.Lion.zip Can I now upgrade to Mountain Lion? Can I do it from Lion? Or do I have to create a USB with Mountain Lion similar as the one done with Lion? Is
  6. Bronxteck, thanks for your fast response. I tried it and it works, except if I setup the Display sleep in Enery saver to go to sleep after x minutes, it does go to sleep, but I can not get the display back on. Also, going to sleep from closing the lid I got once the 'You must reboot ...' message and had to rebbot and another time it came back on but the mouse stopped working (both BT external and internal pad). Moving the USB BT dongle to another port got the external mouse working again. Tried it a few time and always had to move the dongle to another usb port to get it to work. Not a big
  7. I have my D620 working great thanks to your hard work. Thanks. However, I am a little confused about this step on Getting sleep to work on your Dell: Step (1) – Configuring OSX In Preferences Panel > Security > General check check: * Use secure virtual memory In System Preference/Security & Privacy I do not see an option for Use secure virtual memory What am I doing wrong. I am trying to learn my way around OSX. Thanks, Manya2000
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