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Dell E6400/6500/M4400 Mavericks 10.9 GM


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Since no one has started a thread for 10.9 on the E6400, I'll give it a shot and hopefully spark some interest and discussion.  Although this is mainly for the E6400, I suspect it'll work for the E6500 and M4400 w/ similar hardware.


I've successfully installed Mavericks 10.9 GM on an E6400 (nVidia NVS160 graphics), building on my Mountain Lion guide. So far, everything that worked in ML 10.8.5 works in 10.9 GM: wireless, graphics (w/ full QE/CI), bluetooth, etc.  Unlike ML, the nVidia kexts do not need modifications for full graphics acceleration (those w/ Intel graphics: sorry, you're still out of luck).  Shutdown/restart also seems to be more reliable and sleep/wake continues to be hit or miss (though I've had better luck w/ the final GM from the App Store).  FakeSMC has been modified per Herve's instructions here.  I was somewhat surprised at how easy it was to install Mavericks on the E6400 compared to previous versions (especially ML).



These instructions assume you know the basics of using myHack and the OSX installation process.

Credits go to everyone that has helped out in any way in the hackintosh scene, particularly the many gurus on this forum.

Prerequisites: E6400/E6500/M4400 with nVidia graphics, Mavericks GM, latest myHack that supports 10.9, 8GB USB stick, access to an existing OSX install (to prepare files), common sense and patience

1. Extract attached Extra_10_9.zip file, which is both the bootpack and Extra folder.

2. Use myHack to create the USB installer. You must use the latest version that supports 10.9.
3. Run myHack again and choose "Install Extra". Point to the USB drive as the destination, and choose "use my own" and point to the folder that you extracted in step 1.
4. Boot from USB and install Mavericks.  NOTE: MBR is currently not supported so the HDD must be formatted to use GUID partition table. See here.
5. Near the end of the installation, myHack will ask for the Extras folder. Again, choose "use my own" and point to the Extra folder on the USB installer.

6. When the install completes, restart. If you cannot restart or if the install reports a failure at the end, manually power off.  

7. If the HDD isn't bootable (probably due to myHack not fully supporting 10.9 GM yet), boot off USB installer but interrupt start-up sequence and choose to boot off HDD.  Go through setup wizard and when the OS loads, run myHack -> install Chameleon. 

Sleep should work natively with the included DSDT.aml file, but must set hibernatemode to 0 in terminal:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

If sleep still doesn't work, then you can try SleepEnabler.

My wireless card worked with the DSDT out of the box, but if your wireless doesn't work then you can install the modified IO80211Family.kext in the other threads.



GM UPDATE (Oct. 7, 2013) - Looks like the instructions for installing 10.9 DP still holds for the GM.  The only major change is that although sleep still works, waking the system from sleep no longer works (it used to work in 10.7/10.8/10.9DP1).


GM UPDATE #2 (Oct. 23, 2013) - The final GM (App Store version) fixes a few things that the "first" GM had problems with: Sleep/Wake seems to work again; system can restart when installation completes; Chameleon now installs correctly during setup.




- Sleep/Wake may not work for some

- Occasional Shutdown/Restart issues

- If random things happen (like freezing), try replacing the modified FakeSMC in the boot pack with a generic one (Credit to Darvinko for pointing this out)

- You tell us... :)




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As per our discussion, Thanks for this neat, compact guide which works perfectly on the E6400/E6500 series laptops. Glad to know I'm not the only one who overprepared for a battle with these based on our ML experience. I'm still envisioning the write-up it would have been, and glad it turned out so easy. The only issue I have come across that remains unresolved (so far) is with FaceTime not allowing me to finish setup and try it. I had used AirParrot in ML and the settings played hell with the microphone input settings in FaceTime that took a couple of hours to resolve. I have not yet installed Skype to see if the current version has issues as others have reported. Hope to hear about the experiences of some familiar members now that you have posted this.

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App store update to DP2 was straightfoward and uneventful. Restart took a little while, no problems on first boot. A few permissions needed repair (as expected). Noticed ATI graphics kexts in S/L/E now AMD. Longer bootup time may be a kext cache issue, haven't run MyFix yet. Appears safe.

UPDATE: As expected, a full MyFix improved boot time. I recalled I added a few apps and installed iLife without having repaired permissions or rebuiding kext cache, which may have contributed to this.

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Just noticed DP 4.1 has dropped - will be downloading and evaluating. Another significant update of 1.27GB. Will advise of success/issues. Initial evaluation brings no obvious issue to the plate. After a download, restart and a MyFix (Full) - 13A524d seems safe. Tomorrow will give me a chance to put it through some paces and see if everything is stable.


-> New look to iMessage page, scrolling through pages/windows while in Mission Control

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Hello, I tried install method from user DaFOB in 1st topic and it works on my dell latitude e6500. Then I updated to DP 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and now to 8 and still works. But have one "cosmetic" problem. In my laptop I have 2 internal HDD (one HDD is instead of DVD-Rom) and right this HDD is on desktop showed as external HDD with yellow icon. In previous version of OSX (10.6, 10.7 and 10.8) I have not this problem. In previous version of OSX I have one third party kext: "IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext" and I think, that right this kext is fixing error with external icon of HDDs.

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