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  1. I have tried changing my power settings but for some reason it seems to go to sleep after about 10 minutes no matter what the settings are that I have. I thought I remembered reading something about a fix for this, but I couldn't find it when I searched. If there is a solution to this that would be great. I want it to stay on much longer when it is plugged in. Thanks!
  2. My biggest problem with the proccessor upgrade is I still have the intel graphics card - which I feel is the lesser of the two. That is why I am wondering what good alternative laptops might be. Or do you guys feel that with the dell-macs the Intel is just as good as the nvidia? And wouldn't I still run into this problem?? "Be aware that if you have an Intel graphics card, it will not work and you will lose QE/CI"
  3. Wouldn't I be better off buying a used laptop than replacing a CPU? What is the best hackintosh laptop as far as functionality and speed go?
  4. Probably not going to swap it out on my 6 yo system . I guess I'll just live with my outdated equipment and maybe one day get a real mac. Any workaround to get an app from the app store to think my system is 64 bit? it is a simple app and I don't get why it would require 64 bit.
  5. I got it off OSX86. It looks like my processor is a T2500... which appears to be a Core Duo?! Who knew? I guess I ordered it 6 years ago and didn't think much of it - but apparently I'm running a Core Duo and not Core 2 Duo. Oddly though, Mac OSX tells me that it is 2ghz Core 2 Duo.
  6. It shows the file is no longer available on rapidshare.
  7. Sorry, one other question - do you do secure virtual memory, or do you have that unchecked? Thanks. I currently have it unchecked. I tried to install the configuration and fixes that you have. When I resume from standby it shows my desktop, however my keyboard and mouse are non-functional. I think it is an Intel GMA 950 problem and I may have to do the old school fix with the bios password to work around it. Update: I have done the bios password and other fix and it seems to have worked. Looks like the sweet Intel GMA 950 is the culprit again. I think I will leave the bios password on since it works like a charm now that I've done that. Now onto the iCloud integration - if I could get that in SL that would be great.
  8. I have the Intel GMA 950 graphics on my D620. 4gb ram, and 320gb hdd. 2ghz processor. I see your list of items but I have a question... NullCPUManagement + SleepEnabler + Simulated SpeedStep, followed by the hibernation fix + touch S/L/E fix -> If I remember correctly, NullCPUManagement, SleepEnabler, and Simulated Speedstep are under configuration. Then you go to fixes and do the hibernation fix? What is the touch S/L/E fix? Do you do them in a certain order?
  9. I have decided after many failed attempts to install OSX Lion, I will just instead work with what I have with Snow Leopard. A few things I would love to get perfected so that I can quit messing with (and ultimately screwing up) my install. 1. Need to perfect my SL sleep: right now when I tell the pc to go to sleep it appears to work correctly - however when I turn it back on it doesn't boot all the way back up. I then have to hold the power button and force it off before booting it back up. When I do this the pc actually resumes correctly with whatever I had running before putting it to sleep. To get it this far I had to turn off secure memory. My understanding is that to get sleep to work better I need to turn secure memory back on, is this correct? 2. The only feature I care about from Lion or Mountain Lion is integration with iCloud. Has anyone tried the hacks or workarounds to make it sync with your iphone/ipad? If so, are they working well? Thanks for any input.
  10. It looks like it is the voodoo ps2 driver that adds side scrolling. That seems to be the best fit for me on my D620. It doesn't have any options under mouse or trackpad, so it isn't customizable, but it does just what I need. Thanks.
  11. That is lame. Also makes me believe that the intel GMA D620 will not work with OSX Mountain Lion based on that problem. Has that been confirmed?
  12. Thanks for your help. I think it may have been after re-enabling sleep enabler that I had the issue.
  13. I have the latest EDP and I'm not sure if after an update I changed which kext I was using for video or what - but after my latest reboot it takes me to a black screen. I can hear sounds if I change volume, so I know it is in the OS. I have tried -v -f -x but for some reason it is still a black screen. I see it loading at osxlatitude with the apple then when it would go into osx it goes black. Any easy workaround to rerun the EDP?
  14. I do have an intel graphics card, so it sounds like 64 bit may not be an option then. Thanks for the reply!
  15. I have SL running on my D620 and I recently tried a few apps on the app store that was updated with the latest 10.6.8 update. One of the apps says it requires a 64 bit processor and it doesn't recognize mine as such. Is there a tweak I need to do to get it to realize that my core2duo is 64 bit? Thanks!
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