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  1. Stork

    Feb. 2013 Update

    Awesome features, great work!!
  2. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    Could you share how to make it work by steps?
  3. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    Go to open network preference -> turn wifi off -> turn wifi on and then try to connect again. May have to try a few times or reboot again to work successfully. Stork
  4. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    Nice, sleepless is a good solution for the sleep issue. Thanks.
  5. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    If you follow my instruction, step 16 with the proper DSDT will fix shutdown/restart issue.
  6. Still no luck, I also tried installing it on the 4200M laptop and move the HD to the one with Intel HD 3000, still same error, tried every possible parameter options....
  7. Intel HD 3000, it the E6420 model line, another one carries a NVIDIA NVS 4200M which we have already hacked.
  8. still no luck, the most I can get is to a black screen, but looks like it passed through all the startup without error, still could not see apple install screen though.
  9. Thank you. I have tried all the SATA config options, same messages for all. Any other ideas?
  10. Still could not go pass boot to install, see photo for messages
  11. Nice, I will give that a try this weekend. Thanks.
  12. Which graphics card do you have on your E6420?
  13. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    Honestly I probably do not have that much time to mess with this Intel HD 3000 thing. I am in the middle of my iPhone app development fun already.
  14. Stork

    E6420 research thread

    Here is my /Extra directory attachedExtra.zip
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