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  1. It really boils down to this. It says external display. i'm not quite sure if DSDT's are to be blamed here. Hopefully Herve and Team can pointpoint these issues. thanks bunch
  2. that's nice of you to show it is working at least we know that we can isolate the issue now carefully. im just intrigued which options you choose on clover. i installed on a backup spare hard drive but i cannot tell if it's installed or what. i'm still new on that part. i got used to chameleon via myhack.
  3. I think this is a good start. I was thinking of using clover EFI but i might wreck the restored system once again. Please keep us posted Thank You
  4. Plutodelic. May i see an actually connection that is working or any demonstration? Thanks
  5. Herve i apologize for the long delay. i was busy with work and stuff. Anyways here's the DSDT you requested. Thank you so much for the support and extended patience with me. https://www.sendspace.com/file/jo1l2u
  6. Free Facebook. Wow. At least globe telecom responded to Smart Communications' free Data LOL

  7. Heading back home. Early morning. Co-Pilot tayo daming tao sa kalsada anyare.

  8. Things to do this weekend. Create a mock revision site, Events and Watch Rurouni Kenshin.

  9. Okay. Enterprise Equipment for review :D nice :D

  10. Herve, well unfortunately I'm unable to since i don't quite understand the whole structure to modify the whole DSDT. Please guide me to do this so we can pass around with other users as well
  11. Sleeping disorder again. :/

  12. Do we have chain of commands in place?

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