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  1. forgive me for my ignorance. my when i run myhack (version 2.0 RC-4), there is no option to run myfix. the only option is to: Create OS X 10.7 Install Disk Create OS X 10.6 Install Disk Install Chameleon +Extra Install Chameleon Only Where "exactally" is the executable that will allow me to run myfix? thanks! quote name='Syonagar' timestamp='1337317652' post='9350'] Dear bigs, Myfix is an option that comes when you run myhack. So its really myhack. Cheers!
  2. sorry if this is a obvious question, but I don't remember running "myfix" after I installed EDP when I originally hacked my d620. What/where/how/etc is this myfix? I don't see it as a menu option when i run edptool.command.
  3. I gave it a go on a D620, hangs on boot. So hold off for now. Specifically it has a long pause on ACPI, and then proceeds a bit and stops on "waiting for root device." no kernel panics, so I will be patient and see if a solution can be found.
  4. When my d620 running 10.7.3 wakes from sleep, it gives a message that I need to reboot. It there a way to get this working properly? or are we out of luck? Maybe I have not looked around enough to find a solution. otherwise, all is working great! -thanks
  5. I am a bit new to all this..... so it is safe to update? or is there some sort of announcement that it is o.k.?
  6. Everything has been working great, but today after a few hours of uptime he trackpad went crazy. Touching it made the pointer move like crazy all over the screen and random clicks mixed in. Rebooting with a USB mouse and changing some of the trackpad settings has fixed the problem for now. Has anyone else had the trackpad go nuts?
  7. succuess! well, we learned that the usb creation tools don't work so well on a ppc mac-mini. i was able to get a somewhat working snow leopard install from an iFail S3 v2 DVD (-very- hard to interact with the os since the mouse support was horrible) i created the usb using myHack. no issues in booting and installing. a few issues and two questions trackpad is very sensitive to touch, thinks that i have clicked too often the ip address the wifi is grabbing is not correct (manually assigned ip and dns and internet is working fine) questions, it is ok to update via software update to 10.7.2? is there a command key? or are latitude users out of luck? also, if i re-run edp, will it overwrite my previous configuration? (to see if i can fix the trackpad and other mini annoyances) thanks for all your help
  8. status update: taking the advice that chameleon is not running / installing properly from a ppc mac-mini, I am now (attempting) installing snow leopard from a iFail S3 v2 DVD. The plan is to create the bootable USB from snow leopard. I am able to boot from the DVD and install SL. However, it is giving a kernel panic on re-boot after installation. so know I am fiddling with install options (various combinations of kexts) to try to get it to boot into a usable gui. I have googled around for to see if anyone has a good set up install options for iFail S3 v2 for a D620 with no luck. So now it is trial and error. I will keep you posted, and continued thanks and patience to all.
  9. ok, someone please confirm what what is the minimum I need on the usb stick just to boot into a os x command line.... is it just: 1> usb stick formatted guid/1 partition/max os x extended (journaled) 2> chameleon installed to the stick 3> extra folder (appropriate for D620/intel graphcis) copied over to root of usb stick I will feel some sense of accomplishment if i can just get it to boot from the usb.
  10. This is not possible I get an error message. Chameleon_2.1svn_r1768_trunk.pkg cannot be installed on this computer. but I am not trying to installed it on the mac-mini, just on the usb. frustrating.
  11. my lion install usb has the following folders: Applications bin dev etc Library Extra private sbin System tmp usr var Volumes and the follwoing files: Install Mac OS X Lion EDP 2.2 boot i am out of ideas.
  12. same stick, 01. reformatted for 1 partition/Max OS Extented (Journaled)/GUID 02. restored Lion from SharedSupport mounted InstallESD.dmg from newly acquired Lion install app 03. installed Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r665.pkg to USB (this placed an Extra folder in the root of the USB) 04. copied Extra folder for D620/Intel Graphics from the appropriate book pack zip (this probably overwrote items from #3 above) 05. copied EDP 2.2 to USB boot from USB on D620, flashing cursor at top left. I don't know what to do now.
  13. no luck, still get the flashing cursor at the top left of the screen. could it be possible that the lion image is bad? or will the usb boot with only chameleon installed?
  14. well, i found a windows utility called RMPrepUSB, and was able to format and install a DOS based bootloader. I moved over a custom BIOS, and was finally able to boot from the USB and flash the BIOS successfully! I am now moving over the Lion install image, hopefully the RMPrepUSB utility did some magic on the SanDisk Cruzer 8GB. thanks for your help and patience. i will post my results later.
  15. ok, I formatted the drive as 1 partition/Mac OS Extended (Journaled)/GUID. Attempted to restore the SLD430USB.img.bz to the drive. It ran for over two hours before I killed the process. (should it really take that long?) next, I reformatted as above and installed Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r665.pkg to the usb drive. then, I tried to boot the D620 with it. All that happens is a blinking cursor at the upper left of the display. Is it really this difficult?, the you-tube videos make it seem that it is trivial. This is not just empty griping, I have poured over the instructions and watched the videos many times.
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