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  1. guys i need buy combatible laptob from dell ?
  2. guys plz help me i login to system with -v The letter comes after I entered the system than an hour panic (cpu 1 caller 0x66 ddd0):'----------------------------------------------much words--> --------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------> kerne Extensions in backtrace ru.AppleLife.AtheronsL1CEUernet(1.0.1bg)[c7220434-8DBB-4CF0-837F-153CF13E8FC2]06x5F55f000->0x5f567fff dependency:com,apple.bkit.IonetwakingFamily(2.0)[0D1D5------muchwords--> dependency:-------------muchwords---> BSD Process name CorresDonding to carrent Thread:kernel-Task Boot arag:bat-uuid=A873FFF3-6A3A-32CD-A3BE-6E6FF50D0670 rd=*1386 npci=0x2000 -v kernelVersion: Darwin kernel version 11.0.0:sat jun 18 12:57 :44DOT 2011 root :xn4-1699.22.73-1/RELEASE_1386 kerneluuip : F8596E5D-0966-3091-AA8D-6EncA68386F system model name : MacPro3.1 systen uptime in nanoseconds: 1318798110423 plz help me plz help me to fix this kernel
  3. now after fix DSDT in dsdt editor i get this massage after alone time like 1 hour
  4. hey guys can enyone tell me why i get this massage plz plz
  5. guys congratolation for me mac os x lion 10.7 work on my pc open system work great mic work sound work vga work network work core 2 duo 2.93 cash 3mb GA-G41MT-S2P Geforce 210 512mb DDR2 but i have one bug one bug This message appears after a period of ware of the system why guys plz eny one help me to fix that this is my Extra and Extensions http://www.mediafire.com/?1bu9ytpc9890gti
  6. guys i get this masssege in my hackintosh you need to restart your computer Hold down the power buttton until it turns off , then press the power button again plz enyone help me to fix this massage
  7. video part 1 : : : : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xojE-aBorEE&list=UU3uNHIp8f350yxX79b48lRA&index=2&feature=plcp video part 2 : : : : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KfmADWI3p0&list=UU3uNHIp8f350yxX79b48lRA&index=1&feature=plcp this video of my pc
  8. thnx my friend i hope to be user here helping peopel but first must osx work in my pc
  9. hey guys i'm new here :D

  10. guys i have cpu : core 2 duo e7500 cash 3mb motherboard : GA-G41MT-Sp2 Ram : 4GB 2* DDR3 1333 Graphic : Nvidia Geforce 210 H.D : samsund 40GB sata for system + HD 500GB for data ========================================= [ Amr ] work web designer and hop to work in mac ========================================= my audio not work VIA VT2021 codec i was use voodooHDA 2.7.2 and doesn't work i use iFail s3 === and i download now iFail l2 Is there a difference between this version and the other Does the sound will work on the new iFail l2
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