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  1. Installed files from this thread and wifi is now detected and working. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1027-install-osx-107-lion-on-d630-x3100/
  2. Not sure, but I know its supported as it worked before when I installed Lion on it using the guide from this site, just can't remember what I did last time to get wifi working.
  3. Just finished my Lion install on my D630, haven't done any updates yet, but wifi is not working. Ethernet shows up, but no wifi. Help! AM
  4. No I guess I missed the part where you are supposed to run 'my fix' where is that in the instructions on creating the bootable pen drive for Lion? Thanks that was it!!
  5. I have just made a USB boot stick using MyHack 3.1 and have added the D630 lion boot package and replaced the Extra folder on the stick with the one from the boot package. When I try to boot off my stick I get KP. Attached is a screenshot of the KP in verbose mode. I have disabled wifi in the BIOS as a troublshooting step. Thoughts? As an aside, I used this site and its tools once before to get Lion installed on this very same laptop, not sure why its not working now, the hardware is the same as before.
  6. I have used the terminal commands in the help section to fix my sleep issue but they do not work. When I go into sleep mode and come out of it, my ethernet is disabled. Dell Lattitude D630, intel graphics. All is working, just this one minor issue. Thanks AM
  7. Got it working, thanks.
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