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  1. D630/2.0 Ghz/2Gb ram/500GB HDD+80GBHDD/SNOW LEOPARD/Windows 7/Windows XP SP2 on 80GB HDD/

  2. PLEASE help me very much ask, i instal Leopard from retail 10.6.3 and windows 7 the same HDD-500Gb how to do whit XP i don't know, HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP//////
  3. i tested bios a18 mac 10.6.3 retail for me works
  4. I download gptsync from this http://www.osxlatitude.com/dualbooting-osx-and-windows/ I installed 10.6.3 retail SL everything is ok, but I want to do dual boot with XP, and not getting to gptsync how to do and what to write in the terminal, so I realized I had to start from my USB SL and another USB stick whit gptsync, look if i write the correct directions umount /Volumes/disk1s2 cd /Volumes/my usb whit gptsync ./gptsync /dev/disk1s3
  5. no i don't use kernel cache, when i install the SL i need to write -v -f? correct? sow how to fix?
  6. start takes 2 minutes on D630 Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 why?
  7. good but how to make go XP, how to write instructions in the terminal with gptsync to make a hybrid partition MBR, I understand I had to go into terminal from USB disk SL and write the comand , else there not work in SL, what the command must write in terminal if my partition has name disk1s3 ? sudo gptsync /dev/disk1s3 ???????? what next? may be that - sudo gptsync/dev/disk1s3 1+af (1 it's 1 partition ,+ it's primare, but ''af'' type of partition sow what or how to understand?) thanks
  8. not ,please explain to me if you can
  9. sorry but i not really understand, what you did
  10. Who can help me? whit Windows 7 works perfectly with Windows XP does not want, when put xp disc and give it to copy files and install it, after my first restart appears next message WINDOWS COULD NOT START BECAUSE THEFOLLOWING FILE IS MISSING <WINDOWS ROOT>\SYSTEM32\HAL.DLL PLEASE RE-INSTALL A COPY OF THE ABOVE FILE I followed the instructions here http://tonycrapx86.blogspot.com/2009/11/dual-boot-windows-7-and-os-x-snow.html What to do?
  11. when you boot write -v, and see what it says, I had the same problem, look my them https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1044-d630-and-snow-leopard/ good luck
  12. hello, i have some problem whit install Windows XP i mean dual boot SL and XP, whit sound i resolve problem and resolution same help this ( https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/600-d630-half-screen-blank/page__p__4145__hl__1440x900__fromsearch__1#entry4145) but whit this dual boot I'm tired method described by Andy to me does not work https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/853-a-suggestion-to-wiki-masters/page__pid__6729#entry6729 Who can help me?
  13. Okay so I have installed the SL, there are some small problems but I think resolves, so sound, resolution 1400x900?
  14. I also recently began with the installation of the MAC OS X, but I went on long road I first installed iFail S3 V2 and then made a USB pen bootmac- best to do that whit this ( http://myhack.sojugarden.com/2011/08/myhack-2-0-rc4/), after installing the iFail ,ups you need this customize you find this and you to understand 1. iFail S3 v2 - that has 10.6.3 2. Bootloader - AsereBLN v1.1.9 3. Bootloader Options - 32-bit boot, Graphics Enabler 4. Patches - /Extra directory, fakesmc, Disabler, RTC(32bit), EVO Reboot 5. Drivers - INTEL SATA/IDE 6. SOUND - Voodoo HDA 7. PS/2 - Apple PS/2 8. CPU Power Management - Voodoo P-State 9. Latop Hardware - Battery, Card Reader, TSC Sync, ACPI Thermal (32bit) -select all 10. Network wireless - Broadcom 11. Network wired - Broadcom BCM5755M(32bit) 12. Language Translations - select all ,restart and you here the music, remove notebook from AC power and close the notebook ,let the play song ,after she finish open the laptop and move your mouse you see the desktop alive, registere the date,.......after that you need somewhere on your HDD a Mac OS X retail.dmg and your bootpack (here http://www.osxlatitude.com/supported-models/) open the retail.dmg, insert a USB pen, open the myhack, if she ask a password this it your password when you registere the date, extra folder its your bootpack ,unzip the bootpack somewhere on hdd,after the myhack finish the restore a mac on usb pen she ask a EXTRA folder and you use your extra folder,cameleon you don't need myhack as integrated chameleon, that's all next intuitive. sorry for my bad english. good luck for help look this- install mac
  15. I finally found what the problem was, wi-fi adapter,and most importantly when i boot in verbose mode -v Mac OS write in KP about Airport issue, and i physically removed completely the wi fi card, now it's ok -----boot ok, that mesage now does not appear more and boot goes on, right now looking for a portable HDD for that to throw off all of my information and then start the installation, and more even better to use myhack to create a bootable USB. thanks to all
  16. I installed iFail S3 V2, and the same problem- message, maybe it's some little shade, I would like some more precision, with bootloader D630 intel is clear, with EDP also, what version of Chameleon to use better?, ok as are on stage (with patience I stand well, every time I install iFail for data handling is not too great, but I have no choice, I do not give up) USB 1.Formate a GUID partition 2. mac retail restore 3. install chameleon (Version???) 4.transfer unzipped EDP ​the USB 5 transfer extra folder on the USB 6 ....... restart, boot from USB stick, and appears ---please turn off not too clear what sense is the transfer EDP to USB bottles can be stored on a partition on the HDD anyway EDP must be installed on the Mac hard drive,why should I copy to USB (not understand must be installed on USB this EPD or not?? or only after installing Mac on HDD) extra folder I deleted the old one on USB and I replaced with that of the bootpacks. forgive me, maybe I do not understand too well, can anyone make some screens how to do the procedure with USB, better to see once than to hear 100 times
  17. i install that version of chameleon on 10.5.6 and it's work, and very interesting i install that version of chameleon and on my USB Flash but before i restore the Mac Retail, and after that i restore the mac on usb, copy the extra folder,EDP, -restart notebook -boot from USB Stick,-Boot................aplle HDD work .....but ............ this message appears foto
  18. Hello, just sorry for my english, the problem is the following, y I have Dell D610, I installed it on Mac OS 10.5.6, so these three requirements I satisfies, Requirements: 1. 8gb USB pen 2. OSX SL 10.6.0 image 3. a working OSX machine and is on her wish to prepare for the installation of Dell D630, I downloaded from your site EDP 1.9.2 ,bootpacks here http://www.osxlatitude.com/supported-models/ grafic INTEL i have X3100,and Mac OS retail 10.6.3 I attach photos on the screen with the manipulations we performed. after picture 10 i can not pass ,like it freeze the cameleon,What am I doing wrong?
  19. it works and for Dell D630 GMA X3100?
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