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  1. Sorry, didn't solve the issue ... The adjusted AppleHDA in EDP didn't find my onboard soundcard and the VoodooHDA Ones always come up with the kernel reboot after second reboot. With VoodooHDA after first reboot the onboard soundcard works very well - after second reboot there is always this kernel panic (I attached the details) ... this is so strange ... why it works after first reboot and never from the second reboot on ??? There must be some pattern ... Any hint appreciated!
  2. Friends, I successfully installed Mountain Lion on my E6320. Magic Mouse and Wireless work fine (as I updated my system with a compatible wireless card and bluetooth chipset). My issue is that per default the onboard audio card (Intel HDA) was not detected. So installed Voodoo HDA and after first reboot it worked fine (it recognized the onboard audio and I was able to play some music). Since the second reboot I always get a kernel panic and since then was never able to boot into ML successfully With "-x" I am able to boot into safe mode but then I obviously I don't have the VoodooHDA kext loaded and no sound is available. I attached the details and it would be greatly appreciated if any of you guys would be able to help. Thanks, in advance!
  3. I am successfully running OSX 10.7.4 on my E6320 in dual boot with Windows7 on a NON-GUID partitioned disk. No I wanna upgrade to Mountain Lion, unfortunately it is asking me for a GUID Partitioned disk which I obviously don't have. For 10.7.4 there was a patched install for Non-GUID Disks. Can anyone tell me if this is also available for Mountain Lion or alteratively what I have to do to make Mountain Lion work on my NON-GUID partition Thanks in advance!
  4. Friends, I successfully finished hackintosh installation (10.7.4) on my e6320 through a generic thumb drive (you need an usb keyboard for installation) - didn't use any boot pack provided here - works out of the box. I bought and dded a compatible wifi card (as the one that comes with the 6320 is not supported) I bought and added a standard dell bluetooth card which perfectly works now in conjunction with my magic mouse. All I had to do is installing VodooHDA for Sound in /S/L/E I not even have an /extra folder - the whole system runs out of the box and is lightening fast. The only thing still missing is HDMI / VGA out which I would need for work. I COULD USE YOUR SUPPORT ON THIS ONE!!! Thanks in advance & BR
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