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  1. Got my E6510 successfully loaded with Lion. Everything works except; Wifi (ordered a Dell card to fix this - internal NIC works fine), Sleep/Hibernate won't work - it just blanks the screen and never comes back alive (just disabled all screensaver/sleep functions), shutdown (the system shuts down Lion, but never turns the machine off. Restart works fine, tho.).
  2. Has anyone successfully cloned a dual boot Win7/OSX drive? I'm curious if something like the Acronis disk-clone function would correclty clone/copy the OSX parition.
  3. RGRover - Any progress on this? I have the same machine/config and would love to get this going.
  4. Finally got all this running and was even able to update to the latest Lion. Only issue is once in a blue moon I get a KP during boot (I think it says something to the effect of "...SATA bus not ready..." or something like that) . I usually just have to power off and back on and it reboots fine the next time around. Anyway, thanks everyone for the help. Now if we could just get some higher-end iCore (w/more RAM, better graphics) machines going...
  5. It's turned off. I actually think my CPU is running full speed, but I still can't get the VoodooPState.kext running manually. I added it to the Extensions folder but it's not loading. Curious if I'm missing something like adding a command to a plist somewhere. I also managed to fix the verbose boot issue I mentioned above.
  6. I finally got this thing going. However, the system details tells me the CPU is running at 800Mz. I have Speedstep enabled in the BIOS. I know there's an option to add speedstep support when building the config in the EDP tool, but I don't want to run that (see above on why). Is there a way to manually install the "Emulated speestep via voodoopstate" so that 1) it works, and, 2)the PState Menu utility shows up in the top menu bar? I tried copying the VoodooPState.kext to Extensions, but 1)the PState Menu utility didn't show up in the menu bar, and, 2)when I did launch PState Menu it tell me "VoodoPState not loaded". Sounds like I missed something.
  7. EDIT: Nevermind. Posted in the wrong thread.
  8. Reinstalled (again!) and used the EDP tool to build my machine (D830, all Apple/No Voodoo, no fixes) and it hangs on boot at the VoodooBattery lines. I pulled the drive and put it in USB enclosure and hooked it my other MAC and restored the Extra folder from the pen drive and the system boots (selecting the HD option), although, it still loads every Extension known to man. It scews up as soon as I try to configure anything using the EDP tool - even if I go with the most basic setup.
  9. I'm at my wits end! I've been working 2 days and multiple reloads trying to get Lion running on a D830 (Core2Duo, 4GB, Intel Graphics, Dell Wireless). Getting Lion running on D620 was a piece of cake! Has anybody gotten Lion running on a D830 yet? Here's what happens: 1. The system boots and installs just fine using the USB stick pen with the D830 (1900 res) EDP. 2. Once installed, I can boot off the pen while selecting the HD and get into Lion just fine with wireless and all. But here's where it all goes wrong... 3. I load and launch EPD 2.2, and open the configuration tool to build my system. At first I used the normal settings (select D830 Intel 2 (1900), Apple mouse, 4. Upon reboot (still using the pen to boot but selecting the HD) the system stops at voodooBattery.kext --- OK reinstall.. 5. Go thru steps 1-3 again. Run EDP config utility to build kexts, but this time do not select and Voodoo power options. Reboot... 6. Reboot still using the pen and selecting the HD.. Yay!! system booted! I go in and try to apply the fixes (hibernation, etc.). Reboot... 7. Reboot still using the pen and selecting the HD.. Argh!! The system stops at voodooBattery.kext --- I never changed my build!! How did voodoobattery get loaded again!!!?? I basically got it to boot using the HD once after configuring the EDP (but again, somehow it added the VoodooBattery option and killed me again). In addition, I have everything HW opton I can think of disabled in BIOS. Only option enabled is Wirless card. I'm now reinstalling for about the 10 time and trying again. Part of my frustration is I can get back to my HD after it fails to bott and I have to repartition and reload the OSX everytime I want to try a different configuration. Any way around this? Sure would love to get this working. I have 3 of these D830's all with glossy screens (all my D620's have matte screens and I don't think the D620's ever came with glossy). And believe me, Lion looks amazing on the glossy screen. Another funky thing: When booting the D830, it's always in verbosed mode. I never saw verbose boots when installing on my D620. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I got mine working by downloading the Champlist Chameleon app from here http://tools.inmac.org/ - You open the app and can you download the Chameleon dmg installer. Watch the second video here. http://www.osxlatitude.com/lion/ He talks about installing Chameleon at the ~9:15 mark.
  11. I'm having this same issue. Had this issue yesterday with SL, but got around it by selecting a different package/version on the drop down. Howevere, nothing is working with Lion and it keeps crashing. Anyway, I'm not sure I understand your suggested solution. Is there something I need to download when you say "reconnect to Internet and update manually"? If so, what am I looking for and how do I update it?
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