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  1. Thanks for reporting. There was a leak in a WordPress plugin (fancybox) we were using on our main site. It is all solved now and it is totally safe again to visit our site.

    It can take 12 to 24 hours until we are fully removed from the Google Safe Search mechanism. 

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  2. This isn't an ISP / internet problem ;-). It means that our 'helper' application can't find the location of the script; edptool.command.


    Would you please download our EDP installer again and install EDP again. We have updated some things on SVN which need the new installer. If it still doesn't work with the new installer, please upload a screenshot of /Extra.

  3. Hi Bert,


    Your English is okay :-). We can understand it. 

    Have you installed OS X with myHack? Try booting -v -f to renew the caches.


    It should be able to run OS X on your system. For your 4870 you can use an Exotic patch from Netkas. You will find enough about it on Google. ;-)

    For Audio you can use VoodooHDA.

  4. First, would it be possible to make the headings of the list static, so that no matter what line you are on in the listing you can still see what the columns are pertaining too? Its a little frustrating to scroll down to your model and then have to fly back to the top to remind you about what that X or check or other symbol means. It would make things easier for all interested parties except maybe the webmaster......

    Thanks for reporting. Everything should be fixed now! :-)


    Second, If it's not already, would it be possible to make a downloadable version of the compatibility list? That would make it really cool to search and compare potential "new" hardware with the list without having to be on the site......

    As Bronx says, you can save the page as webarchive. (in Safari). 

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  5. Thanks for reporting! Normally when you press the search button (up), the search form will slide out. However as it looks now, the javascript isn't loaded.


    You can temporarily use the search form in the footer, it will allow you to search the site also :-).

  6. Check first if your HP Probook doesn't has a 'white list' BIOS. It will only boot with some WiFi cards, that are 'hard coded' in the BIOS. You need to pick one of these, or modify the bios.


    However, not every HP laptop has that 'white listed' bios.

  7. Another related question- since amd is buggy can I replace the processor with an i7? I think it might be soldered in but I'm not sure.

    No, you can never replace an AMD processor with an Intel. This is due to the difference in CPU socket. It just won't fit (and won't work).

  8. But safe mode limits all extensions and kexts! I'm not saying it blocks things but it prevents kexts from loading





    However you are saying this:


    Mach_kernel is the base kernel u r loading. Your issue is that it is missing files. Thus, it won't boot. Try your install drive which has the full kernel. Boot off of it, and push tge right arrow until you select your hard drive. I can't get simpler than that! ;)

    You can see it is booting, but hanging on some graphic issue. Then it won't be a mach_kernel problem, because without the mach_kernel it won't boot at all.

  9. With AMD you aren't stuck with tonycrapx86 off course. Btw, the best AMD developers are on InsanelyMac. There aren't on tonycrap. 


    But if you choose for AMD you have some limitations... No Mavericks, and Mountain Lion is buggy. No iCloud services etc. It will just not work like an Intel.

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