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  1. Is has been fixed. Thank you for reporting.
  2. Thanks for reporting. There was a leak in a WordPress plugin (fancybox) we were using on our main site. It is all solved now and it is totally safe again to visit our site. It can take 12 to 24 hours until we are fully removed from the Google Safe Search mechanism.
  3. Nice work Dinesh! Can you also make it show as 'built-in' bluetooth? Or is that impossible with an USB Bluetooth adapter. Nevermind; made some edits to your Bluetooth kext and now it shows as Built In (screenshot). However still no Handoff in Yosemite.
  4. Thanks for reporting! First problem fixed with the menu, on smaller screens. The other problem can take some more time, but will be fixed soon!
  5. In your case there is nothing downloaded from SVN, so it won't find the files we use. Can you download our installer again and run it. Please copy the 'installer log' here.
  6. This isn't an ISP / internet problem . It means that our 'helper' application can't find the location of the script; edptool.command. Would you please download our EDP installer again and install EDP again. We have updated some things on SVN which need the new installer. If it still doesn't work with the new installer, please upload a screenshot of /Extra.
  7. Hi Bert, Your English is okay . We can understand it. Have you installed OS X with myHack? Try booting -v -f to renew the caches. It should be able to run OS X on your system. For your 4870 you can use an Exotic patch from Netkas. You will find enough about it on Google. For Audio you can use VoodooHDA.
  8. There are a lot more things. Also you need to make sure that your ethernet (not wifi!) is the first in the list!
  9. No. You will need a Chameleon module, called FileNVRAM.dylib. Also make sure you have EthernetBuiltIn inside your boot.plist!
  10. You can change your org.chameleon.boot.plist with Chameleon Wizard for example. There you can change the boot resolution.
  11. Nice that you managed to get it working! We are aware that EDP used a 32 bit flag for some models. It has been solved now. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5589-edp-mavericks/
  12. Nope, myHack 3.3 won't solve this. It sucks that the original tester of this system isn't active anymore. I know you from Hackintosh.nl . The thing you should try is using an different VoodooHDA version inside EDP, or another one you download.
  13. Thanks for reporting. It's changed now.
  14. iMick


    Welcome on our forum! As you could see, we are working on our systems . I hope we can help you.
  15. Thanks for reporting. Everything should be fixed now! As Bronx says, you can save the page as webarchive. (in Safari).
  16. You won't need to repair the permissions with disk utility. When you do a full myFix, it will automatically repair the permissions. (with the same command as disk utility).
  17. I created some AMD bootpacks for Lion and Mountain Lion, for use with myHack. http://storage.osxlatitude.com/?dir=amd/bootpacks However, I don't think this will work with your Sempron.. But you can always try.
  18. Welcome on our forum, gpetrowich! I have a D430 also, and I quite like it! . I'm dualbooting between OS X Lion and Windows 7, and it works like a charm.
  19. iMick

    Search function?

    Thanks for reporting! Normally when you press the search button (up), the search form will slide out. However as it looks now, the javascript isn't loaded. You can temporarily use the search form in the footer, it will allow you to search the site also .
  20. It doesn't work well. However, you van just try it. Do a new build and check the option at the optional tab.
  21. iMick

    Quick Question

    Check first if your HP Probook doesn't has a 'white list' BIOS. It will only boot with some WiFi cards, that are 'hard coded' in the BIOS. You need to pick one of these, or modify the bios. However, not every HP laptop has that 'white listed' bios.
  22. iMick

    Quick Question

    No, you can never replace an AMD processor with an Intel. This is due to the difference in CPU socket. It just won't fit (and won't work).
  23. So? However you are saying this: You can see it is booting, but hanging on some graphic issue. Then it won't be a mach_kernel problem, because without the mach_kernel it won't boot at all.
  24. Hmm, I liked FingerPrint because it was very advanced. (http://blog.collobos.com/post/54290737134/presto). As I see know, they stopped the Mac version and call it Presto now.. Printopia is quite expensive yep... However, I don't know a solution for your Handyprint problem.
  25. iMick

    Quick Question

    With AMD you aren't stuck with tonycrapx86 off course. Btw, the best AMD developers are on InsanelyMac. There aren't on tonycrap. But if you choose for AMD you have some limitations... No Mavericks, and Mountain Lion is buggy. No iCloud services etc. It will just not work like an Intel.
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