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  1. I kind of like the idea of paying (and would donate $25 US if you go that route) or adding the copyright (which I voted for because my consulting income is down and $25 is $25) and then looking into other software assuming you can preserve all the existing topics and messages.
  2. What would be the best way to suggest minimum requirements to create a USB installer? http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/documentation/pre-installation/ Access to a working OS X system (Hackintosh or real Mac)Be changed to say Access to a working OS X system (Hackintosh or real Mac) of at least 10.6.Or something like that?
  3. First, some more background. I'm a Dell fan. I have about four working D630s at the moment. Three of them are 2.2ghz machines and one is a 2ghz machine. (All are running XP SP3.) I've gone out and bought a replacement 500gb hard drive to use as our "sandbox". 1) Only one of the 2.2ghz machines has the Nvidia 135M graphics card. However, it has an Intel Wireless Card rather than a Dell Wireless Card. The other machines all use the native Intel Crestline Graphics but have Dell Wireless Cards. I assume I'd be better off using the machine with the Nvidia Graphics? And either buying a separate USB wireless or swapping wireless cards? 2) The Pre Installation Instructions on this site say we need access to a working OS X machine. However, the myHack site says we need access to an x86 machine running OS X 10.6 or newer. So, can we use my housemate's existing PBG4 running 10.4 to create the boot USB or not? I suspect the answer is not and we'll need to borrow a friend's more recent Mac. 3) The only Mountain Lion version I can find on the Mac App store is the $19.99 Update. Is this the correct version? Or is there a full install for more money hiding somewhere on the Mac App store?
  4. Hi. I'm new to this. I'm a long time computer support person on mini-computers and windows. I have a little *nix experience and very little Mac experience. I've agreed to help my housemate create a Hackintosh to replace her aging PBG4 running 10.4. Someone at work (mini-computer tech support, proprietary OS) suggested I come here. I've looked at the install guide, read it over, printed it out and highlighted things. I have about three questions to start. Of course, feel free to point me at the appropriate topics or search terms in the forums. Thanks! -Rick
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