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    Mac on D830

    We have fixed the bootpacks . It was a bug in our migration process. Nice that it works. Just let us know if something doesn't work as it should.
  2. For now you can just install with our bootpack . However don't build a new model in EDP yet, until we added your SSDT details! Dinesh can make an SSDT for your model.
  3. Nope, you can't. However, I think Dinesh can help you making your system perfect working. He has added a lot of Asus models already to EDP .
  4. Welcome on our forum, sedgewick! I think I already know the problem . We are working on a new site and we are rewriting the BPG. (Bootpack Generator). The model you have is in EDP with SSDT tables, this are 'ACPI tables' for the processor. We have made it ready for the i5 3317U, do you have this one? In bootpacks we don't include SSDT tables, so we should include the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. However, that is the little thing we forgot! Thanks for noticing! . I fixed the bootpack manually for now, and attached it to this post. Please add it again to your myHack USB, in the way we explained in our guide! Samsung_np_900x4c-ml-CUSTOM.zip
  5. iMick


    I'm installing Mountain Lion on my D430 now! Will have a look if I can fix the graphics issue, with mlpostfactor. Hervé made already at topic about this, maybe we should go on there. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2396-ml-on-gma950-x3100-nvidia-7300-etc-systems
  6. We have added this system to EDP also! Could be worth the try!
  7. myHack won't work on your AMD, without adding the Lion (or Mountain Lion) kernel and maybe some specific kexts.
  8. We don't support distro's (piracy), like Niresh. Please use myHack.
  9. Have you installed OS X with our EDP? Was the GMA950 fix checked? Have you tried other keys? On my D430 the brightness gets higher with FN F12, or something.\ Nevermind, see Hervés reaction.
  10. Open Terminal. Type: lspci -nn Press enter Paste output here. If lspci isn't installed you will get something like unkown command.
  11. If you have the lspci kext, tick 'lspci -nn' in Terminal. If you don't have, run DarwinDumper (http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2447).
  12. It could be a bug in Chameleon + the nvram module. The solution? Delete the commands before boot. Press a space and then press enter. If you just delete it, it won't save your empty 'line'. When you press a space, it is fixed.
  13. How have you installed OS X? What have you done after installation?
  14. Which network kext do you use? Which standard kexts do you use? (for example NullCPU) The best is to reïnstall with myHack, so all your custom kexts are stored in /Extra/Extensions.
  15. I'm adding your system to EDP, and I see you're using some kexts that aren't needed. Have you tried it without: EvOreboot.kext AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext JMicron36xATA.kext IOUSBFamily.kext IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext And how about using a SSDT + patched IntelCPU kext, instead of using NullCPU? You didn't have audio kexts included. What audio kexts are you using? You didn't have a battery kext included. What battery kext are you using?
  16. I added this system to our EDP, and moved the final guide to this section: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2327-dell-e6430/ Topic Closed, please further reactions in the linked topic.
  17. Welcome on the forum, AWD_guy! Damn, you have a quite nice 'museum' of hardware! Maybe you are collecting more then Leon, our EDP manager! (and he is collecting a lot). Would be nice to get some systems in our EDP, if possible. If you need help with something, just create a new topic. We could help you getting OS X on some models.
  18. We will add your system to EDP next week, when I have my main workstation back . If you have any specific fixes / details, just let me know .
  19. Could you please run lspci -nn in Terminal. Post the log here, and we could help you with your wireless. I will add your system to EDP next week.
  20. @68x Would you like to share your full /Extra folder? (and all custom extensions in S/L/E). It would be nice to add it to EDP .
  21. Have you tried our spdisplays_fix from EDP? It generates a couple of files, so SystemProfiler etc will recognize it as Color-LCD. I'm not familiar with your issue, but at least you could try it. It is in the 'Fixes' section of EDP.
  22. What WiFi card do you have? (tick in lspci -nn in Terminal). Have you installed OS X with EDP? We are improving it and it would be nice to have some user feedback.
  23. Can't find the attachment in the previous post? You can just attach it to a post here.
  24. Nope sorry, we have tried a lot but it isn't possible.. And I don't think it will be possible in the future.. I have the D430 (core duo) also and it runs perfect on Lion 10.7.5 . (with QE / CI).
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