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  1. Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback on our new EDP documentation! I made it more clear in our documentation, http://www.osxlatitu.../installation/. We made special bootpacks for all EDP supported laptops, with their own DSDT and extensions, so you should install without problems. myHack asks at the end of the install, of you want to install an Extra folder on your new harddisk with OS X. It will install Chameleon (the bootloader) and your Extra folder, so you can boot direct from your harddisk. You can choose to install the Generic myHack Extra folder of to choose your own Extra folder. The easiest is to choose the Extra folder of your myHack install USB, because that is allready the Extra folder of the bootpack. There are many other ways, but we explain the easiest way! Sorry, I don't understand you at all. We never mentioned to use install the Extra folder on your harddrive, and I wrote the new documentation . When you choose Generic Extra, it will always use the myHack generic Extra, it will never use the Extra folder you installed before. When you choose to use your own Extra folder, you can simply browse and use it. In our documentation, we advise to select the Extra folder on the myHack install USB, because that should be allready the bootpack (if you followed the Pre Installation guide).
  2. iMick

    Dell D630

    Did you install EDP after installation? What OS X version are you running? Try to boot with -v -x
  3. Welcome on the forum adam! Have a look on our Compatibility page, in our EDP section. Do you have the GMA950 or the nVidia model? The chances for Mountain Lion are different for both models .
  4. Could you upload your Extra folder please?
  5. On WIndows, you can burn the DMG only with TransMac.. And then you need some luck that it is working.
  6. I think there is something wrong with your retail dvd. Is it an original Apple retail DVD, 10.6 or 10.6.3?
  7. Could you please update your bootloader to the newest version. The best way to update / install it, is with myHack. (http://myhack.sojugarden.com/category/myhack-utilities/)
  8. Could you have a look at your Extra folder in the root of your installation hard disk? Please upload this Extra folder. It is very easy to fix .
  9. Yep, you can run it. Just use GraphicsEnabler=yes as described in the AMD guide. It doesn't matter what HD you will use, just follow the steps. We updated the guide with a better way to install the bootloader. If you stil can't install / have questions, just let us know. If you get any error's with booting OS X, make a picture when you are booted in verbose mode (hit -v during bootloader).
  10. iMick

    software problem

    @AmonRaT Could you please make a new topic, with specifications and more information. Maybe you should try to install the newest Chameleon version, installed with myHack.
  11. Hi! It is possible to install OSX on an AMD pc, but It wont work very well. Have you bought the components yet, or not? If you want to buy the hardware, I won't recommend it. OS X wont run as smooth on an AMD pc, then on a perfect supported Intel CPU + motherboard. With AMD, you are running on a legacy_kernel, that won't have the best speedstep / powermanagement. I don't know if there is support for an AMD Opteron 2419 hexa core CPU, but although it won't be the best idea. If you want to buy the system, (with as main target; running OSX), you should better buy an Intel PC.
  12. Welcome on het forum ivyfab, Could you please use a better topic title, in the future. I changed it to a better title, matched with your question. I changed your layout also, please don't put everything in comic sans and bold, we don't like that. With CPUZ, you could have a look at your chipset. Could you place a screenshot of the third tab here?
  13. Your Graphic Chip isn't supported, so you shouldn't select GraphicsEnabler. Try booting with -v -x GraphicsEnabler=no
  14. Welcome on the forum Culjosh! I'm glad you like it! . Could you post your specifications like; Processor, Motherboard, Graphic Card / Chip. Could you boot with the bootparameter -v, from your hard drive. That will boot up in verbose mode, so you see on what error it won't boot. Just make a picture of the screen.
  15. Do you use an patched RTC kext for your CMOS reset problem, like > ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext. Have you restored your USB kext from 10.6.7 after running the combo update of 10.6.8? That will fix your USB problems. Have you tried VoodooHDA for your audio?
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