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  1. Thanks Herve identified the key problem. I boot my iMac to snow leopard partition, where Enoch-rev.2795.pkg runs but installing it to the usb failed. I then turned to my D430 lion, this time the pkg can be successfully installed to the usb installer. I still copy the pkg to the root dir of the usb without rename it. Now E6220 didn't report boot failure but keeps reboot. I don't get a change enter -f -v. I changed my bios settings according to Herve's detailed guide. But no success. Maybe I just need to type -f -v even if I don't see any screen output from the usb?
  2. Thanks Herve, I replaced the extra folder in the usb drive with new one from E6220_i5-2520M_HD3000_EC-Pack_#2.zip. It still cannot boot for some reason. Below are some info about the usb, Does it look like a correctly created one? BTW, Enoch-rev.2795.pkg doesn't run on my 10.11.4 iMac.
  3. I just got a e6220 shipped with 32bit win7 pro. If you close the lid and reopen it, it crashes by default:) Although a driver and a firmware update solve the problem, I decide to switch to OS X. That's my purchase really for. I followed Herve's instruction (thanks a lot Herve) creating the usb installer for EI Capitan 19.11.4, tried twice but didn't get a bootable usb drive. I didn't alter the bios of my E6220 but my old snow leopard (D430) installer can boot to the boot menu, so I'm not sure if there anything need to change in my bios setting. I copped Enoch-rev.2795.pkg to the root dir of usb but not rename it, don't know if that's matter of not. In my iMac, this pkg cannot be open, says the developer is not recognized... I did a fdisk check, the usb is active. I put the kernel (10.11.4) to /System/Library/Kernels/ I copped Extra dir from E6220_i5-2520M_HD3000_EC-Pack.zip to the root dir of usb. I don't know if the file/dir ownership matters or not..... Don't know what to do/check, ....., Please help Thanks in advance =============== The contant of the USB ========== HMac:OS X Base System elim$ ls -la total 940408 drwxrwxr-t 24 elim staff 884 Apr 11 16:30 . [email protected] 6 root admin 204 Apr 11 16:52 .. [email protected] 1 elim staff 8196 Apr 11 18:35 .DS_Store drwx------ 5 elim staff 170 Apr 11 16:03 .Spotlight-V100 d-wx-wx-wt 2 elim staff 68 Mar 12 00:46 .Trashes drwx------ 7 elim staff 238 Apr 11 16:49 .fseventsd drwxr-xr-x 2 elim staff 68 Aug 1 2015 .vol drwxrwxr-x+ 4 elim staff 136 Mar 12 00:44 Applications [email protected] 1 elim staff 1948 Apr 11 16:21 BaseSystem.chunklist -r[email protected] 1 elim staff 477579745 Apr 11 16:25 BaseSystem.dmg [email protected] 1 elim staff 3620763 Apr 9 19:48 Enoch-rev.2795.pkg [email protected] 11 elim staff 374 Apr 9 15:20 Extra drwxr-xr-x 3 elim staff 102 Mar 11 18:27 Install OS X El Capitan.app drwxr-xr-x+ 11 elim staff 374 Mar 12 00:44 Library drwxr-xr-x+ 5 elim staff 170 Apr 11 16:47 System drwxrwxrwt 2 elim staff 68 Aug 1 2015 Volumes drwxr-xr-x 35 elim staff 1190 Mar 12 00:46 bin dr-xr-xr-x 2 elim staff 68 Feb 11 19:12 dev lrwxr-xr-x 1 elim staff 11 Mar 12 00:44 etc -> private/etc drwxr-xr-x 5 elim staff 170 Mar 12 00:44 private drwxr-xr-x 57 elim staff 1938 Mar 12 00:46 sbin lrwxr-xr-x 1 elim staff 11 Mar 12 00:44 tmp -> private/tmp drwxr-xr-x 8 elim staff 272 Mar 12 00:43 usr lrwxr-xr-x 1 elim staff 11 Mar 12 00:44 var -> private/var
  4. I backed up the new d430 SL and then deleted the epd app, /Extra directory was replaced by an old one that made the pointing stick working, deleted the system kext cache. Guess what? The resulting system kept the fixes of sleeping, vga out etc, also kept PREVENT pointing stick working! Something deeper changed by new EDP. I noticed everytime i login, there is a small msg window pop up saying something like 'it'll close when the job is done' (may not be the exact wording) and it's gone pretty quick. That kept happen even I replaced the new /Extra by the one with old EDP 1.92. What's that?
  5. BTW, the boot screen is now 1024x768 instead of 1280x800, does this right?
  6. Thanks Bronxteck and Hervé. There is a size difference. Although the copyright dates are the same, the old one is smaller by roughly 100kb. I tried to get rid of this kext by rename it (add '0' to its name), move it out of Extension folder, also tried to replace the new by the old. All those eventually not working. They might be working right after the change was made, but after a reboot, the system behaves just like before: pointing stick and the corresponding 'mouse' buttons are not working, touchpad and its right/left mouse buttons working fine. Since apple never has a laptop with pointing stick, I doubt there would be a easy solution.... It's not a big deal anyways. I'd take some time keep working on it. will be back if I find something.
  7. For old EDP, I've been always using ApplePS2Controller.kext, that makes both touchpad and pointing stick working. For some reason, with new EDP, my D430 (SL) 's pointing stick no longer working, and I noticed the kext is the same. Why thhe same kext behaves differently? Is there anyway to make both built-in touchpad and pointing stick working? Thanks a lot
  8. Don't see any other option within the EDP app. I also compared my current build and the old one (pointing stick worked there, from edp 1.9.2), Both use ApplePS2Controller.kext, does there a version difference?
  9. I Just tried the newest EDP on my D430 sL, and now the VGA out and sleep issues mentioned in my previous post are gone! Many thanks to the team of the site!!! Now the D430 pointing stick was not working. I know many people never use it but I almost never use the touchpad. I used Apple's PS2 Countroller before and bouth touchpad and pointing stick worked well to me. I don't care the fancy track pad.... Is there a way to re-enable pointing stick? Thanks a lot
  10. Thanks to the team of this wonderful site, I was able to built a triple boot system xp snow leopard and ubuntu on my D430 120GB 2GB, 1.33Gh book, about 2yrs now. Still use EDP 1.9.2 It was overall very nice that I really love it, except a few things: 1. VGA out not working, I cannot do presentation with a projector while running snow leopard. I don't know if newer os x or newer EDP's can fix that. Do think that's a big deal (#1 to me) 2. Another thing is the sleep solution. It's just fine to me setting system pwd in bios, disabling system hibernate etc to obtain working sleep function. But after awake from sleeping, screenshot hot key will not working, Also, some hot key related to non-English text input will not working. Only once for some reason which I can never figured out, screenshot and IME hot key kept working after sleep, tried again and still working. But that's gone after reboot and can never reproduce the wonder..... 3. When the system hang (very rare), hard power off is the only way out. But every time doing that will cause hard drive (partition) error, Have to use os x usb installer to repair the partition (it always repairable). By using clonezilla, I can backup the current build easily and so I'm ready to update EDP. I just wonder if the new EDP fixes some of the issues above? Thanks a lot!
  11. elim


    Is there any way to make my PStateMenu selection default, so that I don't need to set it every time start the system? (see attached screenshot) Thanks for your help!
  12. http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/09/best-hackintosh-laptops-2012-mountain-lion.html
  13. I think this site is the greatest one for osx on non-apple branded laptops. It'll be even better to have a thread about laptop model comparison/rating on the compatibilities with OS X. This can be very helpful for people like me, determined to purchase a better non-apple branded laptop fully compatible with OSX, light like macbook air...., but have no idea what to looking for.
  14. Have to force shut down, have to repair disk using usb installer.... But is there anyway to fix it? The same installation of SL worked just fine on my D630 with activity monitor.
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