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  1. I will have a look! . I can't help you with native powermanagement, for that you should ask Dinesh. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/ .
  2. You aren't using a DSDT file yet? Could you run Darwin Dumper for me? (http://cl.ly/3S412U1y430O) I could help creating a DSDT file and adding it to EDP .
  3. Would someone like to help and add this system to EDP? So other people can easily install / update. In order to add it to EDP, we need your Extra folder (with all extensions inside).
  4. iMick

    Latitude E5430

    Would you mind uploading your Extra folder (with all extensions inside), then we can add it to EDP .
  5. We would like to add your model to EDP. Would it be possible to upload your Extra folder? (with everything, so also all modified extensions). Would look nice here > http://argo.osxlatitude.com/edp/compatibility/
  6. It is in beta stage, but all time out problems should be fixed. We introduced this evening a new method, so when you update, it should be fixed. Running myFix could take a long time on the D430. I have tested EDP also on the D430 and it works perfect here.
  7. We have reverted the Chameleon version to 2170, because of this issues. I hope this will solve your problems. (after rebuilding with EDP).
  8. Have you updated your EDP already? It should be fixed for a week. The best thing for you is to download EDP from our site and install it again. Then run the EDP.app from /Applications and do a new build. I have the D430 also, and it works perfect!
  9. I have one in my iMac (2009 version), so not native supported by Apple. And it works like a charm . Made it myself with terminal commands, during installation.
  10. Then you have still the old version, I think. You could run EDPWeb also in your webbrowser. ( Then it won't time out. But in the newest version this problem should be resolved.
  11. Could you try updating EDP with edptool.command first? We had a problem with updating inside the webapp. It says updated, but doesn't catch all files. So first update with EDPTool.command and then run EDPweb again.
  12. Sorry, totally forgot to commit your system! Could you contact me on Skype? (royal_noob3). Thanks for your work on it! I commited it to EDP, but this topic is quite a mess. Could someone try the system with EDP? I need also to know which ethernet chip and audio chip you have, to add it nice to EDP. Now I putted those kexts just in the model folder instead of the generic folders.
  13. vipjun, what is exactly your problem? If you update our EDP webtool and then run "Build new model" again, ethernet should work again.
  14. Ethernet should be fixed now, when you do a new build.
  15. What did you exactly patch in DSDT? We might add it to the other Optiplex models also!
  16. Please include a Darwin Dump, and add your specifications to your first post.
  17. iMick

    Latitude E5430

    Welcome on the forum, Mark! Mountain Lion should work on this laptop! Would be a nice addition to EDP . The best way to get help is make a new 'buildlog' like this > https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1895-samsung-np-900x3c/&do=findComment&comment=15158
  18. I still think it is a setting on your TV itself... Do you have a remote with it?
  19. The GUID solution was only if you "Installed Chameleon" . I misread it.. But nice that the other method worked . It is because myHack puts the kexts in /Extra/Extensions, but it does more to make Kernel Cache working. MyHack creates a kext in /System/Library/Extensions, called myHack.kext. In that kext all kexts (from /Extra/Extensions) are in the plugin folder, and get loaded by Kernel Cache. Quick explanation for other people, who might get the same problem .
  20. Create 10.x installer shouldn't be possible on the OS drive, because myHack formats the drive first. You can't format the OS X drive, while booted. I think she choose Install Chameleon accidently.. It is a issue with Chameleon and active partitions (I think), because she installed Chameleon on her MacBookPro.. Rebuild the GUID partition format should fix it, according to Conti (myHack). Or do you know for sure that you only choose "Install Extra"? Then it could be that myHack.kext gets loaded. Only removing the Extra folder doesn't fix it. You also need to remove the myHack.kext out of /System/Library/Extensions. Boot in -s (Single User Mode) and try this> /sbin/mount -uw / rm -R /Extra cd /System/Library/Extensions rm -Rf myHack.kext
  21. I think you have a GUID partition layout, so you should boot an OS X installation disc. (Leopard should boot also?). If you see it's GUID, you can follow this guide, from myHack.
  22. Welcome on our forum, Sandra! Damn, that isn't nice! I hope this guide could help you fix the problem; http://myhack.sojugarden.com/2009/10/how-to-repair-your-real-mac-if-you-broke-it-with-the-chameleon-bootloader/ (I did once the same on my iMac ).
  23. You can't make an image of myHack, because it uses the Chameleon USB boot, instead of CDboot.
  24. iMick

    no sound on d520

    Did you run EDP and updated it to the newest version?
  25. Are you using a DSDT? Brightness should be first enabled with a PNLF (_SB) section in your DSDT.
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