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  1. Yes I did use MyHack and the correct pack from this site. When I use a chameleon boot cd it will boot (although I do miss certain things like mouse only works for 2 seconds, then it doesn't for 10 or so seconds, then it works back again. Also I don't have full resolution then. I think the best way to go is reinstall? What options do I have to select in the tool because the normal touchpad driver wasn't the correct one, maybe there are more of these settings?
  2. It's 10.7 now since the post of Hervé, so these errors are 10.7 related. (I can't change the topic title)
  3. Finally succeeded in finding 2170 and putting the "boot" file in the root of my harddrive. Now it's hanging somewhere else, I suppose it's hanging on a certain kext now? After that I turned off BT/wifi through the button on the left, now it hangs here:
  4. At this moment I'm having lots of trouble booting. I've updated Chameleon to a later version because I was unable to find a 2170 installer, I think that might have triggered the problems. It now hangs again with new errors, I'll have a look again the upcoming weekend.
  5. After installing + installing EDP it doesn't want to boot after chameleon. Not with or without the USBBusFix=No. When booting -v it's stuck at: Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/mach_kernel] 7948352 bytes Tried: GraphicsEnabler=No platform=ACPI -x -f and combinations. Doesn't boot. When using a chameleon boot cd which I found somewhere I am able to boot, but then it doesn't see my touchpad (it does work in a small part left) and keyboard (although it does work). Any ideas on this?
  6. Strange, the touchpad works, but I get the "turn on the mouse and keyboard" animation on install. Connected an old Apple keyboard + mighty mouse (wireless, no clue if it will work) but it still gives that screen? -edit- nevermind: wireless mighty mouse just works now and I could continue.
  7. Well, I'll take a step back then: now installing 10.7
  8. That's unfortunate, I thought because the D820 (which also had 110M?) is working with 10.8 D620 would be possible too. I'll have to look for another laptop again then. 10.7 will work? Then I'll just stick to that for now with this one until I find me a 10.8 capable laptop.
  9. I've installed 10.8 through MyHack with the Extra files as described here: http://argo.osxlatitude.com/edp/pre-installation/ But as there's no 10.8 pack, I've used the 10.7 one. So far so good, after fixing a boot problem (because the boot plist was set to i386) and after deleting VoodooTSCSync (because it would hang on en0::IO88211Interface::postMessage bssid changed) I'm stuck on another thing now: ACPI_SMA_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initialization failed: C-state power management not initialized See this image: I've used the correct DSDT.aml in /Extra I've tried deleting it (because I have the modified A10 bios which would not need a DSDT) but it won't work. I'm stuck on this and don't know what to do next.
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