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  1. @kingsize1337 Try to install with legacy USB or just go to /System/Library/Extensions and right click on IOUSBFAMILY.kext and select Show Package Contents then go to Contents -> Plugins and delete AppleUSBXHCI.kext tell us if that works
  2. Hi there is no notification so I am sorry for the delay here it is Audio is=Realtek ALC269 Ethernet is=Broadcom BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet Audio doesnt work for me if I use Chemera and best bootloader for my build is Chameleon-2.1-r2069
  3. I have updated to 10.8.2 successfully. you need to replace two kext with previous version of the same kext after installing 10.8.2 update. I think they were( AppleSMBusPCI.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext) also remove problematic kext by using myHack app -Our wifi is not supported by apple yet, but you can replace it with this one and use this guide to make bluetooth and wifi works -for usb 3.0 we might see new kexts in 10.8.3 after its released and make it works
  4. Managed to get 10.8.2 working great without any boot flag by replacing IOPlatformPluginFamily + PCIPlatform with the one form 10.8.1
  5. please make a backup of your working system to be able to restore back in under 2 mnts using this app and make sure to install my power management kext and remove nullcpu to make sleep working
  6. 10.8.2 have problem with this kext that I still cant fix it check here I also get error after installing 10.8.1 but it booted fine from usb bootloader , put the kext from here to your usb bootloader and remove ps2 from your laptop HDD/SSD
  7. Here it is =Nvidia Disabled DSDT+SSDT.zip Test and let me know Please donate for EMlyDinEsH if the DSDT worked for you . he has personnel problem and need your help ,CONTACT HIM AT HIS EMAIL: [email protected]
  8. can you save the details of your mac running with -x and send it, so we able to patch new DSDT for you ? use this application IORegistryExplorer.zip
  9. French version has different model number search for it and then lock at acer web site for older Bios verison with bigger size than yours. Eg:(if 1.11=3 MB then you should find older version with bigger size 1.07=7MB) you might need even lower or maybe higher Bios version depend on size. you might ask why newer version is smaller? because the removed the option switching graphics which killed the ability to use MAC
  10. Please post your problem about touchpad here this is my (audio+LAN) LAN+Audio.zip for Graphics I use original kext with patched power management for graphics which included in post #1 my wireless chip is AR9462 which doesn't work until some geek patch it AirPortAtheros40.kext.zip if my AppleHDA didn't work follow this guide to make your own kext Tell me if it worked for you.
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