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  1. im interested on trying osx on this machine for my cafe laptop, just for accounts/paperwork what would work on this machine (if any) just so i dont get the wrong osx heres specs as far as i know samsung npc700g7c cpu i7 chipset intel HM76 bios 64 mbit SPI flash graphics nvidia 675m (n13e gsi mxm) audio realtek alc269q-vb2-gr any help or guide appreciated guys john
  2. just ordered lion and m lion from apple store.
  3. i dont know anyone with a mac who could make a usb for me or id ask. people here are windows and thats it. when they see my linux machines they think its something from another planet im not giving in yet
  4. ive tried both kernels so far somethings not right, ive had sl installed before through myhack. ok i had to install sl through a distro to make the myhack usb but even so. i know it will run. just wish id not lost my notes and usb stick
  5. ok maybe i didnt explain it well. if i boot from modcd, swap for sl disc. -v flag then i get the boot screen then another smaller screen as in pic pic is of smaller screen, has modcd screen behind
  6. thanks herve, but brings previous screen pic posted in last post
  7. that pic is of a screen in a screen. kinda like verbose screen then another smaller screen over it. if that makes sense
  8. nawcoms brings this error another known boot disc gets to apple logo then black screen
  9. cant install chameleon to usb. just fails each time
  10. restore wont add usb stick. tried 2 usb sticks both 8gig
  11. used a boot disc then sl disc all im trying to do is get something to run myhack on so can create usb with the drivers i need
  12. dont see an extra file. only extensions
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