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    Fill in the submit form; inside the EDP section, and we will have a look .
  2. Looks good! Would you submit it to our EDP database? You could fill in the form in our EDP section, or click here. We will also have a look on your DSDT, it looks unpatched now? Maybe we could fix shutdown or sleep.
  3. You could try it with the bootpack, and yes, your Intel WiFi won't work.
  4. Saphire, what kext(s) are you using?
  5. iMick


    I don't know if I can fix sleep for now, checking the whole DSDT costs a lot of time . Could you post your error log here? (Applications > Console). Does your webcam show up under Systemprofiler > USB devices? Could you post a screenshot of it? This is the newest version with the best trackpad / ps2 kexts I could find, also the -v tag removed. For battery I should have a look on DSDT, will do it soon. Are there other problems? If you both could fill in the Submit your System form, then I will add this alpha version to EDP . Extra V11.zip
  6. iMick

    Kernel Panic

    No that isn't normal . Could you please add some details to your post, I can't help you now..
  7. iMick


    Thanks for your kind words RezMax! I'm also working with Metzz71 on Skype, to test things. We are now using the VoodooPS2 / VoodooTrackpad kexts, but there are many other kexts and other revisions. So let's test and make it perfect! We are now using VoodooHDA.kext, but there are other ways. I am trying some other things. CD ROM device is strange, because it recognizes your Intel SATA 6 chipset perfect. The SD cardreader won't work at all, it uses the PCI interface. Only cardreaders with the USB interface are supported by OS X yet. For battery, I should have a look on DSDT fix + a kext. But not now . Maybe a wrong setting? Have a look on our pages > http://www.osxlatitude.com/use-a-pc-keyboard-with-your-hackintosh/ and http://www.osxlatitude.com/remapping-keys-in-osx/ Display sleep / wake works most of the time, but normal sleep don't works most of the time. It should work with Sleepenabler.kext maybe, but not without it yet. You are still using NullCPU kext, what most of the time disables sleep. I don't know if I could patch it all in your DSDT, I'm not a DSDT expert . Nice to hear that your Intel HD3000 works perfect, even with brightness and FN keys! I uploaded the Extra V8 to this topic, it has other PS2 kexts and it has other audio kexts + DSDT edits. Tell me the difference. After we fixed most bugs, then I will put it in our EDP and make it available for the community! .
  8. For Hackintosh purposes we use the Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist .
  9. iMick


    Contact me on Skype . You can find it in my profile. What is the difference between your versions?
  10. It was not only work from me and Mario, everyone helped . We are improving our code yet, our new lead developer stayallive is rewriting it with functions .
  11. iMick


    I patched your DSDT and made an Extra folder, it could be downloaded here: http://cl.ly/0g3I0O2u1Z1J I am helping RezMax on Skype now to get most things working, we managed to get it installed allready . It will be added to EDP soon!
  12. Thanks for reporting! We uploaded allready a new version, something went wrong on our file server! Our apologize.
  13. Should be possible , try installing with myhack. After installation, I wil make a DSDT and we will see how it runs . It looks very good suppported!
  14. EDP v3.0 was already automatically kept up to date thanks to SVN synchronization, but it wasn't easy to install due to execution of dedicated terminal script and/or shell commands and location of files. Under Mountain Lion, you also needed to install SVN manualy, because Apple has ceased to support it. Today however is a big day for our "Extra Driver Package"-project; we're releasing a new way to install the EDP framework!x Now, all the tidious steps are combined within a single easy-to-use app! No more need to run scripts, or manually move files! Everything is automated! Just run the little Install EDP.app (5MB) and everything will be taken care of for you. If you've already installed EDP? Nothing new, except an EDP.app in your Applications folder to launch the EDP script. If you run the installer, you can choose to install the EDP app only. We would also like to announce the start of our monthly donation project! This month, all donations will go to Conti, the creator of myHack. We need myHack to install OS X on every EDP-based system and Conti did put a lot of time and effort into myHack! You can donate by visiting this brand new donation page: http://www.osxlatitude.com/donations/ Download Page
  15. Try it! However, your chipset sucks, but it should be possible to get it working! Try our AMD guide.
  16. Check if you are booting with UseKernelCache=yes! It is inside the org.chameleon.Boot.plist inside your Extra folder!
  17. Did you follow this guide or our new guide?.. Did you use the bootpacks of this post or the bootpacks from our EDP section?
  18. Thanks for mentioning, I changed it to EDP Version 3. The version 3 gets it files via SVN, so it is always the most up to date version! When we update some files, you will get a message and you could update to a new revision.
  19. Microfone isn't working with the AppleHDA kexts, if you need it, choose the VoodooHDA inside EDP.
  20. You can find the page Hervé mentioned here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/getting-sleep-to-work-on-your-dell/
  21. iMick


    What SMBios are you using?
  22. It looks like a fault in your Installation medium. What version of Lion did you use, and did you got it official from the AppStore?
  23. iMick


    You can get the Intel HD 3000 working with GraphicsEnabler. After that, you could always decide to put it in your DSDT.
  24. Welcome on the forum Itanium! Have you tried myHack yet? myHack should remove al installation checks, so you could install. If it isn't in myHack, you can patch it manually. You can read here what files you need to patch; http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=262437
  25. iMick

    EDP 3.1

    Could you please boot with -v and make a picture of your screen? What Lion version do you have? (10.7.x?) We will solve that bugs .
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