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  1. Intel Wireless won't work, sorry.. There is just someone who have tried (or is still busy?) making kexts for it, have a look here: http://projectcamphor.mercurysquad.com However, in the topic they say you can't get Intel WiFi working also.. They have swapped their card.
  2. Could someone please contact me? Without knowing the problems, I can't fix EDP, unfortunately. If someone who has it perfectly working can send his Extra folder with a description to [email protected], I can have a look. Or just put it here.
  3. iMick


    Welcome on the forum wazfuzz! What system do you have? It could be helpful to make a signature with your specifications, so we could better help you.
  4. The guide is quite accurate, but there are some things that could be better. Don't use multifail for making the disk bootable. Use myHack for installing Chameleon. You can open myHack, fill in password and choose "Install Chameleon". Then choose your new SSD disk. (with everything already restored on). Also check if you have /Extra/modules/FileNVRAM.dylib. Remove it also, after installing Chameleon. When you have put in the SSD, you can run EDPweb again. It will load the newest kexts and modules.
  5. What do you mean scorper? What is exactly the problem?
  6. Have you used our latest EDP(web)? This guide will be updated soon, there are some steps that are different now. Nice that you've got everything working!
  7. Joot, what I understand it is hanging on our installer application? Could you please make a screenshot of the window? (with 'details opened). I would like to have a look where it 'hangs'. EDP framework should just take around 15 minutes, normally. Did you choose the full install or the app install?
  8. The patched AppleHDA / STAC kexts are installed automatically from now. You can only choose VoodooHDA, when no patched AppleHDA present. In the D830 nvidia there was a little 'typo' in the database, that caused the little bug with the options list. From now, it shouldn't be possible to select the VoodooHDA anymore. It will automatically install the patched AppleHDA / STAC kexts. Please update your EDP, in order to get it working. It should just work now, but the update fixes this 'cosmetic' issue.
  9. iMick

    Latitude E5430

    Could you please upload your Extra folder? Would be great to add this to EDP .
  10. After cloning you need to install Chameleon again, because with cloning it doesn't take the right bootloader things. Reinstall is also possible, but a lot much work.
  11. iMick

    Dell Latitude D610

    myHack should be fine. The only problem you will have, I think, is that your graphics chip isn't supported. How did you got it working in Leopard? I haven't heard about other people who have Snow Leopard and the Intel 915 GM chip.
  12. iMick

    Dell Latitude D610

    Your system should be able to run Snow Leopard, but not Lion. It is a single core CPU, and Lion only support's dual core CPU's. Have you tried a build with myHack already? I'm not totally sure if you need a special kernel for the Intel Pentium M, maybe someone else knows that.
  13. @dimak08, In a week we will have this system in our EDP. You can install easily then. The DSDT file is included.
  14. Okay, thanks I will contact Dinesh to add it to EDP .
  15. @rufabf Can you please send your Extra folder (with DSDT + SSDT) to [email protected] I would like to add it to EDP. It is a nice system . If needed Dinesh could have a look to improve it. He is our Asus expert. He has written the Elantech kexts, Asus backlight kext and the Asus FN kext.
  16. We are gonna work on integrating this system in EDP! Stay tuned, it will cost a few days until I have gathered all files. After we have added it, you can easily install just like our other systems!
  17. That kext is needed normally! You should definately try a reinstall of our EDP framework. Then do a new build and it should work perfect .
  18. Solution: I had a look at EDP and tested if it would download the files. The problem was that EDP didn't get updated well, and because of an typo in the database file, it wouldn't download the model-data files. Please download the EDP installer again and choose for 'Full Install'. After installing you can run EDPweb and build again for the D830 low res. But this time, everything should work!
  19. ssprod, please don't use the audiopacks Hervé mentioned at the first place. We have updated EDP, so it should work again. If you download EDP and install EDP again it should work. (Don't forget to do a new build). If it still don't works, please place a screenshot of your /Extra/Extensions folder here.
  20. Could you make a screenshot of the following things: Finder (Folder: /Extra/Extensions). Systemprofiler > Audio Systempreferences > Audio It might be that not all files get downloaded correctly. You don't have other bugs with latest EDP?
  21. When you just run EDPWeb and do a new model build, everything should work. (including audio..) Have you tried this allready? Please redownload EDP first, before doing a new build. At this moment our EDP works only in Lion or higher, we are working on Snow Leopard support.
  22. The fix you mention at: "Optional Stuff" is also in EDP integrated! How about we put your system in EDP also?
  23. What if you open /Extra/edptool.command manually. After that go to If that don't works, please make a screenshot of EDPtool output and Safari. It looks like not all files are getting downloaded from SVN.. I've notified Leon about this, he will have a look soon!
  24. What do you get if you tick this in, in Safari? (first open EDP app from /Applications and tick in your password. The EDP webserver should start then).
  25. Could you please open terminal and tick in; lspci -nn Place the output here between [code.] tags. (without .)
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