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  1. Hi there. Finally got a new SSD to install into my D430. I'm following this guide: http://blog.waldrondigital.com/2010/06/12/cloning-a-hackintosh-to-a-new-hard-disk-drive/ Are there any additional steps for the D430? Cheers, Alissa
  2. I'm running Lion at the moment, and I was wondering how difficult it would be to upgrade to Mountain Lion on my D430. Will everything break if I attempt it? Has any brave soul gone on ahead and forged a path I can follow?
  3. Thanks, that fixed everything nicely. Now just awaiting the arrival of my WLAN card Question: Is there a WWAN card that works under OS X on the D430? Getting mobile internet would be pretty cool - although I can do a USB / Wi-Fi tether for now
  4. As far as I know the D430 trackpad doesn't support more then one finger scrolling, which is a hardware limitation.
  5. The display seems quite dim when running OS X. Any ideas on how to correct this? It's as high as it can go in the BIOS, in Apple's settings and by pressing Fn + Up.
  6. I installed using MyHack 2.1 and this time it worked! I followed the directions and am now typing from this Mac OS X I have ordered a Broadcom 1395 wireless card and then I'll be in good stead Incidentally, has anyone got Android USB tethering working?
  7. Yeah, I tried those flags but had no luck - crashed way before I could get to a terminal. Will try again when I'm back home tomorrow night. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice.
  8. Ah. In that case I can't do anything until I get home. Just to confirm, I haven't run MyFix even once. Edit: Yeah, I removed those files and of course it doesn't boot at all now. Ah well, will try again once I get home unless I run into someone with a Mac before then. Just to be clear, I need to re-do the process, but before booting into the install I need to run MyFix, which is part of the MyHack 3.0 app? Thanks
  9. Ah, that is good information. Thanks, will try to find a way to modify the drive on Windows. Would be great to get it working whilst I'm out on business, but definitely should work when I get back
  10. Hi Syonagar, The instructions didn't mention running MyFix. It appears to be part of the MyHack 3.0 package, but unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac at this moment to test this out. I tried the -mach_kernel -v -f boot but got the same error. Any other ideas? Will try MyFix when I have a chance. screenshot of mach_kernel boot failure
  11. Hi there, I'm attempting to install Lion on my newly acquired D430. I've followed the steps in the guide: 1) I've wiped and partitioned a USB drive 2) Downloaded and used MyHack 3.0, following the MyHack guide for Lion 3) Deleted the /extra folder and copied the relevant D430 boot package to the USB drive 4) Set the BIOS to defaults, running version A07 5) Booted from the USB This is where it goes wrong. It gets to the initial myHackUSB install disk, there's a blank screen and after awhile I get the spinning icon. But before it gets into the installer, it kernel panics and asks me to reboot. I've tried booting with -v and -v -x and this still occurs. I've also tried various BIOS options (e.g. speedstep) but nothing appears to make a difference. Any ideas? The attached is the kernel panic message; the first is the standard boot with no flags and the second is with -v -x.
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