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  1. It isn't a "Mach_Kernel" problem, because it is just booting fine. According to your story, it is a graphics issue. HD 2500 can be a bitch to set up, but it should be possible. Can you still boot in safe mode? (-x). You can have a look here also: http://www.macbreaker.com/2013/05/enable-hd-2500-graphics-on-your.html You should use the Macmini6,2 SMBios btw! And add the EFI properties from my link above. I didn't had time to check your DSDT, so I don't know which IGPU edit are done already.
  2. If you can boot from USB, you can also boot from HD. I don't think that SecureBoot will cause issues, and otherwise it should be possible to turn it off? However, if you have a dualboot on one harddrive, it is a bit hard. Just try installing Chameleon, and getting the OS X partition active. You can always repair the Windows 8 bootsection, with the DVD or something.
  3. Ah crap, didn't saw your were using a AMD 7xxx. You could try installing Mountain Lion with my bootpacks, however I don't think your are gonna like it due to the graphics issues. More information about the Graphics issues on InsanelyMac: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285551-ati-graphic-issues-on-amd-ml-hackintosh-systems/
  4. iMick

    Quick Question

    When you buy a computer / laptop to make a Hackintosh, never choose AMD.. It won't run as good as Intel.
  5. MacMacMac, it is an AMD system, so it isn't fine. AMD won't work as good as Intel, unfortunately. UEFI isn't a problem, and when something like secure boot would break it, you just could switch to classic BIOS. (on almost any motherboard). However, you would be able to install Lion or Mountain Lion. I would advise Lion, because Mountain Lion has a lot of graphic issues yet. You can install with myHack, and using my Extra folder. Download the AMD bootpacks: http://storage.osxlatitude.com/?dir=amd/bootpacks (take the one for your processor)
  6. I use Printopia or FingerPrint, works perfect here! (and more options maybe?)
  7. If EDP has older files, please let me know. It is possible to update the EDP files . So all users can benefit from the modifications!
  8. Could you please sent your Extra folder and a clean DSDT file! I can patch it and add some extensions, so you have everything in /Extra. (instead of System/Library/Extensions etc). When you install it with my Extra folder and myHack, it will work perfect. Don't use crap like chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) / unifail / multifail .
  9. I changed this on my "Mac Pro" also, and in Maverick's it will be a little different! (I thought) Maybe we should add this cosmetic addition to EDP.
  10. As he is saying, he removes the DVD drive and puts this bracket inside. Ebay isn't as bad as you say.. Just search for the right seller. And if you have this as used part, it won't be a problem..
  11. iMick

    Latitude E5530

    Could you send us your /Extra folder? We will add it in EDP then.
  12. elcopone, can you please pm me your files? Then I can fix the things in EDP. The patched FB kext is in our EDP already btw.
  13. Thanks for all kind reactions . You can't only help with donating (for server costs), but you can help on more ways. Reporting bugs, sending feedback or sending (new system) files will help us a lot!
  14. iMick

    EDP Problems?

    The EPD installer is fixed now, please redownload and reinstall! Due to a permission bug, svn couldn't download the files. This is fixed in our newest version.
  15. I have added your system to our EDP database, please update your EPD first! . The nVidia system should show up in your list. If there are problems, just let me know. Could you sent me the compatibility details, as stated on our EDP compatibility page?
  16. It looks like the bootloader isn't installed on your new hard drive. Please boot your MyHack USB again and select your hard drive, instead of the installation usb.
  17. The EDP installer should be fixed now. On some systems there would be a bug with svn permissions, that caused an empty Extra folder. If you re run our installer, it would be fixed. I don't know why you think that the EDP package for the R530 isn't working at this moment? I heard that it did work, only no sleep. (as stated in our compatibility table).
  18. We have updated our installer and all problems should be fixed by now. If not, please let us know! Reinstall EDP with our installer, that you can download from our EDP page!
  19. Could you please upload all DSDT versions you have? Please do it like this way: DSDT 1 - Audio with AppleHDA, no battery DSDT 2 - Audio with VoodooHDA, battery works DSDT 3 - Port Replicator works, no audio and battery For example.
  20. Do you have access to a real Mac / working OS X installation? I am working on FX bootpacks for Lion and Mountain Lion, and so far; they're working great! Would you like to test them?
  21. For HDMI, you will need a patched kext most of the time! Dinesh should be able to help you with that! .
  22. iMick


    Could you please a screenshot of your Automator window? I think we need to replace those steps with SH commands, if possible . However, I'm not an Automator pro.
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