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    Or mine should work too. Check sig for link.
  2. OK I Did like I said. I installed 10.8.3 over an old copy of Windows 8. Now I have a backup lower OS disk. Makes great for repairs. Anywho, I installed myhack on the new install. I did a full setup. Then I installed myhack on the 10.9.x disk. Then installed cham on that drive too. Then swapped drives after power down and then booted from the 10.9 disk. It booted fine and Im now running 10.9.3 I guess it is like my buddy says. Keep calm and carry on! spazz fixed himself again...... I've been off the site for a while but Im needing to keep this alive so I can work on *nix
  3. I found I have 10.8.3 install USB so I guess I'll install to a different drive and then try to download newest myhack and install it to the original installation via external attachment........... Maybe.
  4. OK so I had Maverick 10.9.2 running OK on my 6520. Then I upgraded via update app to 10.9.3 and forgot too do myhack before rebooting. So I was booting to a black screen. I used imicks recovery and delete kext tutorial to boot into single user and delete a few problem kext and was then able to boot into safe mode. I tried updating chameleon. Not sure that worked or not. Now Im stuck in a bootloop and can't access anything from bootmenu.... Thanks for the awesome write-up imick!!!! I was running Mav 10.9.2 for a while without issues. After update i was seeing tons of errors on a
  5. Most likely you will need to replace your card if you already have NOT! Headsh0t B00m!!!
  6. You also have to install the chameleon to your boot volume MACHD? or you will never boot. Try getting a copy of chameleon wizard and put it in a directory on your USB drive, then if you can boot off the USB drive but boot to your MACHD install Chameleon Wizard to your applications folder (copy) and run it then install the Chameleon boot to your MACHD.
  7. Believe it or not mine did the same thing (E6520) until I removed my NIC, then the system installed correctly and rebooted successfully. I ended up replacing the embedded NIC that worked on OSX 10.7.x with the one in my SIG and that has worked ever since even on 10.9. Don't know if that is your problem but it might be worth a try to remove it and install. Oh the -v is verbose boot mode. Basically tells you wants happening during boot up. I am booting with that flag set in chameleon wizard otherwise I seem to kernel panic...... GraphicEnabler=No is usually for Intel or AMD bootin
  8. Since you are a very smart guy about things, how is your battery indication? Working or no? Are you running Mavericks? Should have asked you that in my E6520 thread.... Yeah it is a bit heavier, but I like the extended battery usage as well. T.I.A.
  9. Funny, I just ran myhack remove problematic extensions, install my extras (Igashu's) (for second time) and then my fix full and rebooted. Bam! trackpad works now, I can even two finger scroll, which I never tried before! But thanks very much for being so helpful Jake! You ROCK and are truly a major Johhny On The Spot support person. You and Herve are MOST awesome! I will download the suggested kext just incase i need it.......
  10. Will do Jake, and I am not sure which kext Im using. How do I actually tell? And thanks for JOTS reply! I do dee ApplePS2Controller.kext in E/E, as well as S/L/E. But I don't see VoodooPS2 so I guess I answered my own question.... Which should I use, Jake?
  11. Upgraded to Mavericks since I kinda blewup my 10.8.x install. The good thing is that the my hack install went smooth and took without issues, the bad thing is my trackpad and keyboard don't work now. I forget how I fixed this in the past. Any Ideas? Almost forgot, Im using USB keyboard and mouse to input this now. And This is a GM version of 10.9 installed from USB via myhack 3.2.x beta installer app. EDIT: Well after rebooting to update little snitch my keyboard is working now, but trackpad is still FUBAR!
  12. I was stumbling around eBay and found this little addition to my E6520. It's a genuine Dell External Battery. It is compatible with a lot of Dell units. It is kinda cool in that it elevates my E6520 up off of surfaces so it should help with cooling it better. It only snap/plugs into the expansion slot and the two holes adjacent to the slot. It has a small handle on it that you can pull to release the battery from its mating position. I believe the two holes in the upper left corner of the picture are first, charge indicator and then a charging port so you could possibly charge the extern
  13. Thanks for the feedback Herve'! Im timetripping a backup on an external Seagate drive I have, just in case I have to reinstall. Sometimes Im my own worst enemy with MacNtawshz! Once the backup is done I will wreak more havok on my lovery E6520. Editz: Well the backup crashed a few times, I did finally get the system to boot to the OS via the -v -f -F flags and then run myhack to run myfix and I think now Im back to step uno with igashu's version 2 /extra. Now if I could just get an EDP build to boot and not kill my K/M or audio.
  14. It is listed in the EDP as an option when building, the E6520 with N4200, that is. Im now having to boot into safe mode to login to my E6520, and I now have to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to use it. So how do I restore my system. Rename the current /extra name.old and rename the backup extra just that....... ? Edit: Never mind I figured that part out. The rename part worked, but, now Im still I'm having to use USB Mouse and keyboard..... I guess if I figure it out I should just leave it alone. At least my audio is still working........ New ALPS driver kext worked
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