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Found 7 results

  1. after all of the hassle, i've managed to install OSX 10.9.2 (Mavericks) in my Thinkpad T430 using myhack. most of hardware, that i need, works without DSDT or any additional kext installed. one thing left is USB 3.0 ports only work as USB 2.0. i need these for multiple display that i used using Display Link USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter. in system report show only USB Hi-Speed for all the USB Ports. I've tried install GenericUSBXHCI.kext but the kext wont loaded. is there any other workaround to activate USB 3.0 in my hackintosh Thanks
  2. OK so I had Maverick 10.9.2 running OK on my 6520. Then I upgraded via update app to 10.9.3 and forgot too do myhack before rebooting. So I was booting to a black screen. I used imicks recovery and delete kext tutorial to boot into single user and delete a few problem kext and was then able to boot into safe mode. I tried updating chameleon. Not sure that worked or not. Now Im stuck in a bootloop and can't access anything from bootmenu.... Thanks for the awesome write-up imick!!!! I was running Mav 10.9.2 for a while without issues. After update i was seeing tons of errors on appleacpibatterysomething.kext and I forget the other one. It was another support kext like the battery one. Once I removed them both I was finally able to boot into safe mode I used to have access to my Hackintosh, but its in storage while Im living in a super small location for a while. Any ideas what to try? .
  3. Hi i try to install with myhack but dont boot on disk i try with MBR and Without i added the last kext for hd3000 and Hd4000 for Maverick i can install but can't boot on disk i try -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No and i block in IOBluetooth i added also with cp -R the kext on disk Someone have an Idea Thanks P8P77 V LX Latest Bios revision 2403 i Will try another Familykext but..... Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone ! I have a strange problem. I've just installed 10.9 on my AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.0 Ghz 2 GB DDR2 RAM. I have 2 SATA drives, one of 80 GB for OS X and another one of 500 GB for Windows 8.1 / Data. Everythings works fine but for an unknown reason, sometimes the second 500 GB drive suddendly disappear from my desktop saying Ejecting Error, try to disconnect the drive by…etc, just as if it was an USB external drive. System Profiler detects it as a SATA drive, the icons aren't yellow, there's just like any normal drive and most of time, I can read/write on them without problems. I did a Time Machine backup without issues. First I thought that it was a Kext conflict between SuperVIAATA.kext and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext or AHCI_3rdPartySata.kext but I tried to remove the two last of them and be able to boot fine (Removing SuperVIAATA.kext result as "still waiting for root device"). But the problem persist and I can't figure why ! The drive works fine on Windows and shows no errors, SMART state is reported as capable and OK and the 80 GB hosting OS X works fine as well. My desktop is a HP dc5750 with the latest BIOS (configure in Native IDE mode - no AHCI available) and beside this very anoying problem under OS X, it works fine. Any ideas ?
  5. Hey all, By now many OSX users have updated to 10.9.2, and it brings awesome new functionality, such as Face Time audio. But many users (Mac and Hackintosh) have noticed that iSight and Webcams are not working. This also fixes the VDCAssistant crash error. The simple fix is to uninstall any 3rd Party video driver. This is being fixed in 10.9.3 betas, but for now... A list of conflicting drivers; - DisplayLink software - AirParrot - Air Display - iDisplay - Splashtop virtual display driver - ScreenRecycler - All programs that create a virtual screen To fix your iSight, delete the program, and its related kexts from /S/L/E/ and or /E/E/. If you know what kexts the program installs, just google "yourprogram uninstall mac" If you find a conflicting program, feel free to post it up and I will add it to the list!
  6. Hi everyone, Got a new D830 but I'm facing multiples issues to get the setup works. It's a sandard Dell D830 Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M serie with Core2Duo T7250 2Go RAM. BUT : The LCD is dead so I've remove it and it's now connected to an external LCD Scrren via VGA outpout AND : No internal Drive, so I use an external USB disk with 1 MBR partition for Windows 8.1 and 1 MBR partition for Mavericks HFS+ journalised. AHCI support (useless in my case) is enabled and the BIOS settings are those given by your Install Guide for D830 systems. I first tried to create an USB install pen with MyHack 3.3.1 but it's stucked at Bluetooth Missing Controller etc… I tried to skip the MBR patch and do it later using InsanelyMac method and I also tried a lots of Boot flags, but no changes. So I create another one with Pandora's box and I can boot fine and install Mavericks. I've noticed that the installer doesn't create a boot file and there's no Extra folder too. Hopefully, because it's just an USB disk I've just plug it in another Mac and did it manually (using MyHack to install the D830 mav bootpack Extra folder). So I can boot and configure the system. But I tried to use EDP post install tool to enable QE/CI on my setup and it just fails. Natit is installed but there's no QE/CI. I've tried to download a fresh Natit kext from OSX86.net (which is strangely 7Mb where the EDP one is about 77 Ko) but it's still the same. I know it's an unusual type of configuration but it should works. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. Hi! Im using 10.9.2 (installed with myHack on custom pc) and i'd like to ask a question about the Launchad. I know if i press the control key on the keyboard, the icons in the Launchpad are begin to tremble, and appears a cross to remove the icon. Well i have not this cross. The icons are shaking, but i can't remove any icon. Yes there are several program to remove the icons or groups, but i would be happy if i can use the system's feature for this. Example Thanks!
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