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  1. I figured it out... it was a hardware problem for me. I'll update the OP. Just for reference... there is a small screw just above the Hard Drive screws that had come loose, and it caused the autodetection to fail.
  2. NOTHING is working. XD Major pain in the butt. Chameleon's new version isn't even, so I have to convert everything over to Clover, then Yosemite denies all older kexts versions (If you install an older version to SLE, the system won't load it at all, so for example AppleInteSNB, I installed the DP1 patched version in DP4, and then graphics wouldn't load at all..) so I have had to re-patch everything from scratch, EVERYTIME an update comes out. I couldn't get AppleHDA patched, so I had to resort to VoodooHDA. Our current DSDT and SSDT's don't support sleep under Yosemite. I had to re-dump and rematch both of those (a great learning curve for me ). Clover has been giving me a great hassle... I can't get UEFI under Yosemite whatsoever. I have to load in legacy mode. And every ~10th time the screen goes to sleep, when I come back, for some strange reason, it is at the Clover screen! I can't find any logs explaining why it is there either. So it basically is a billion times more painful than Mavericks XD
  3. Ok. Haha. Sorry, I am doing preliminary testing on 10.10, so I forgot to check 10.9
  4. Thanks for this! Could you also post up the kexts you installed via kext wizard?
  5. To post files click the more reply options and then the paper clip, maybe just zip (right click your EFI folder on your EFI partition and click compress) then upload that zip?
  6. Hey All, Its been a while since I've been here, but I got OS X Yosemite Final/GM 3/ PB 4 running on the E6420 via the following means. Credits: @Jake Lo - DSDT patches for HDMI audio, Most of the boot pack actually. XD @Pokenguyen - teaching me clover, giving me a WIP guide that this guide is partially based on, A lot of help along the way, config.plist and many other things, the reason clover is working on the e6420 (: @Stork - Starting the research thread and figuring out the original stuff back on Lion (: @RehabMan @BpedMan @sontrg @Yeahoon and myself - Work on the VoodooPS2 Project for ALPS, its come a long way and is still in development here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2545-new-touchpad-driver-for-e6520-alps/ @All - Debuging and helping out, without all of us, we wouldn’t be this far Myself - Patching a new version of SNBGraphicsFB for VGA/HDMI using telnax's method, writing the guide, patching the new RTC, editing VoodooHDA. None of the Wifi cards that shipped with our model are OS X compatible. Please order the one listed in my signature and replace using the guide created by Dell here. Other cards work, such as the one listed in Jake Lo's signature (He is all over the site, just look around). To Make Bootable Media (Pulled from here and here) 1. Download Install OS X Yosemite.app (Any version will do, i.e. DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5, DP6, DP7​ (preferred), etc.) 2. Right click on the installer > show package contents 3. Navigate to Contents/Shared Support and double click on the InstallESD.dmg, the .dmg should now mount and appear on your desktop 5. In the terminal issue the following command: open "/Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg" 6. Now, open disk utility and restore your usb drive, NOT the drive, but the volume contained on the drive with the mounted "BaseSystem" NOT the .dmg. 7. Rename your usb drive to Yosemite. (not the dmg) You can tell which drive is the USB from the size. 8. Issue the following commands in terminal: cp "/Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg" /Volumes/Yosemite/ cp -a "/Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.chunklist" /Volumes/Yosemite/ rm /Volumes/Yosemite/System/Installation/Packages cp -a /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/Packages /Volumes/Yosemite/System/Installation/Packages 9. The last command may take some time, go get some food 10. Now install Clover to your USB drive. (download it from here) Selecting the options shown in the linked image: http://imgur.com/if2O3hQ 11. Unzip the flies provided in E6420Yosemite.zip 12. Move all the files in the unzipped /Clover folder to /EFI/EFI/Clover/, make sure to choose to MERGE these folders. Installing 1. Shut Down 2. Enter BIOS via tapping F2 during boot 3. Change SATA Operation to AHCI (Leave the Booting mode on Legacy! UEFI is not support/does not work.) 4. Click Save and reboot 5. Hit F12 as computer boots, select USB Drive 6. Select boot "Mac OS X from Yosemite" 7. If given a keyboard error, spam the spacebar 8. Use disk utility in the "Utilities" drop down menu to format your HDD to "Mac OS Extended Journaled" and make sure to click options and select GUID partition table, proceed with formatting 9. Follow installers prompts to install Post Install If running anything other than Yosemite Final/GM 3/PB 4 (You can update via the Mac App Store or via the delta installers found here. After installing these click restart, you will most likely end up having to hard reset (hold power button), then boot from USB, but this time select "Boot OS X from "Your Drive Name". 10.10.1 is SAFE to update. No changes at all for this release, just Mac App Store Update. 10.10.2 (14C68m) Beta is also safe, and graphical glitches actually went away for me after this update, wouldn't recommend the Beta to the Public of course though. For UEFI Mode: Although it works, it is somewhat buggy, because Dell left UEFI on our model Half-working. I really don't recommend this though. If you really want to use it, go ahead and select UEFI checkbook in the Clover installer and add the boot entry to your UEFI BIOS Selection "/EFI/CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi" and boot it. For Legacy Mode: 1. Download and run the Clover installer once again from here, select the following things show in this image in the installer: http://imgur.com/ipc5mTq PLEASE also check the "Install Clover Preference Pane" checkbox 2. Download and install Clover Configurator from here 3. Open Clover Configurator (From now on referred to as "CC") and go to the EFI tab, click mount and enter your password. 4. Re-download the attached E6420Yosemite.zip and extract 5. Move the folder /Clover from the unzipped to your hard drives /EFI/EFI/Clover/ location, make sure to choose to MERGE these folders 6. Reboot 7. For Multitouch Gestures go to System Preferences ==> Keyboard ==> Shortcuts ==> Mission Control ==> Now chose the action you want (i.e. show dashboard) and click in the shortcut box, and do the gesture you want (it will show some weird keys, ignore it). 8. For Proper Keyboard, go to System Preferences ==> Keyboard ==> Modifier Keys ==> change Command Key to Option Key, and Option key to Command Key. 9. Run the script "Remove Problematic Extensions.sh" script (it will create a nice shortcut to /System/Library/Extensions/ called /s/l/e, it will also remove problematic kexts. To run this, extract the file, then right click the extracted file and choose "Open With" change from "Recommended Applications" to "All Applications" and select terminal, then enter your password. 10. Reboot Working Wifi (Athertos AR9281, recognized as native Airport Extreme oob, if you want one, the ebay auction is linked in my signature) Keyboard USB Bluetooth App Store and iMessage Screen Brightness Battery Percentage - Broken from DP5 onward. Display and Screen Resolution Audio buttons and audio control HDMI + Audio (Auto Detection works!) QE/CI Network Switch Docking Port eSata Free Fall Data Smart Card Reader Express Card Reader Most Multitouch Gestures (3 and 4 fingers work) Webcam VGA output (No Auto-detection) Find my Mac and iCloud Edit 1: Sleep and Deep Sleep!!! Edit 2: Use updated VoodooHDA for Volume Control! Edit 3: Hibernate! Use new DSDT/SSDT, Just invoke it via one of the thousands of scripts out there that hibernate your mac. Edit 4: UEFI Mode! Works via adding boot entry manually, and only works after most recent Clover Update. Partially Working SD Card - Voodoo SDHC is buggy, only works sometimes on our model and breaks sleep, still want it? Find it in the folder labeled VoodooSDHC and install via kext wizard, then reboot. Battery Percentage - No known kext works. System still reports battery to the low battery (>10%) to the blinking yellow light on the laptop. We will have to wait for AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext to be updated. Just keep trying it at every new release. The DSDT is patched for it when the kext works with 10.10. Not Working Nothing!!! E6420Yosemite.zip
  7. To those that got EFI boot on mavericks working... can you post your EFI Partitions contents? I can't get my config.plist or drivers right...
  8. To post files click the more reply options and then the paper clip
  9. You could actually just use voodooloader if you wanted to..
  10. You could use the AppleHDA normally, then when headphone out is needed run VoodooLoader? (It is an after the fact loader for VoodooHDA and it overtakes the applehda kext.)
  11. Hey all, By now many OSX users have updated to 10.9.2, and it brings awesome new functionality, such as Face Time audio. But many users (Mac and Hackintosh) have noticed that iSight and Webcams are not working. This also fixes the VDCAssistant crash error. The simple fix is to uninstall any 3rd Party video driver. This is being fixed in 10.9.3 betas, but for now... A list of conflicting drivers; - DisplayLink software - AirParrot - Air Display - iDisplay - Splashtop virtual display driver - ScreenRecycler - All programs that create a virtual screen To fix your iSight, delete the program, and its related kexts from /S/L/E/ and or /E/E/. If you know what kexts the program installs, just google "yourprogram uninstall mac" If you find a conflicting program, feel free to post it up and I will add it to the list!
  12. If both jave aource code... theoretically. It is a pain tgough.
  13. Post on the thread I posted above, and describe the problem, there are instructions on how to submit log files to help us add support for new models.
  14. By trackpoint, what do you mean? Track stick? Or what?
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