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  1. Oh, ok. Finally, I have installed HS on my E6440 after Jake Lo's hint about the generic bootpack. I guess I mixed up the meaning of "Sierra bootpack only" on step 2 when I created the usb installer. Thanks for your help guys
  2. Yes, either HFSPlus.efi or remove the entry VBoxHfs from disable drivers section in config.plist. @Harve: Why do you prefer MBR over GUID?
  3. No, I always used GUID formatted usb installer, but will try MBR later.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to install HS with Clover on my E6440 in UEFI mode. I followed Jake Lo's installation guide and created a usb installer using the appropriate Sierra bootpack from the same thread. I also applied the changes for HS to config.plist. I can boot from the installer, but clovers boot screen doesn't show any devices. Any advice?
  5. Ok, I got my DW1550 and AirDrop works like a charm. The next step will be to check out handoff.
  6. Thanks, I purchased one at eBay. I will report back.
  7. Damn, forgot to write that I also use a mSata SSD in the full size slot. So still looking for a half size card.
  8. Hi, does anyone have a half size pci wifi/bluetooth card which allows AirDrop between hack and iOS devices? I need for my E6440, but I'm not sure which one to take. Unfortunately it has to be half size card, as there is no place for a full size one in the E6440. Thank you in advance
  9. Finally I found some time to apply your suggestions and do some long term test. The result is, I still get different outputs from "AppleIntelInfo.kext", but I guess it comes from "DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext" in addition with plugged in/unplugged power cord. Further the weird output in the hwMonitor diagram comes from still loaded "AppleIntelInfo.kext". After unloading the kext the digram showed proper frequencies, but now the cpu operates almost at the max non turbo frequency which is 2.9GHz for my cpu. Again, thank you for your help.
  10. Thanks for your suggestions, I will try them the next days and report back. @Jake Jo: I didn't know that it's just cosmetic.
  11. I checked my config.plist, but the field are all empty. config.plist.zip
  12. Thanks, I will check erroneous bus/cpu speeds later. Even with the existing patched DSDT I had the same issue about no pci devices listed in system information.
  13. Hi, I have extracted the DSDT with the linux method (acpidump, etc.) and fixed the initial error only so the DSDT compiles. But it seems something went wrong as I have noticed some strange issues. 1. Systeminformation doesn't show any PCI device 2. I got two different outputs from AppleIntelInfo for my fresh generated SSDT using Alpha Pikers script. Also HWMonitor shows unrealistic frequencies (29.60GHz, 2147.48THz). Does anyone have an advice? Thanks in advance. Screenshots, AppleIntelInfo and SSDT.zip
  14. Ok, so AirDrop depends also on a correct wifi card. I will try to rebrand my DW1510 first and report here if that helps.
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