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  1. No, IntelBluetooth kexts doesn't work with this card I forgot that i was made some changes to the IOBluetoothFamily.kext following this topic, without this patch, the bluetooth couldn't work properly But with Big Sur there is some commands to make the changes to work: - First, SIP must disabled - Then download this (contains patched kext(grabbed from Big Sur 11.2.1) and the script i wrote for patching bluetooth) - run cd Intel-N6235 sudo chmod a+x Intel-N6235_BigSur.command and double-click the script to run, after script run completed, reboo
  2. intel 6235... but i think i just fixed it. check it out : https://github.com/KD-AIP/Hackintosh-E6440/commit/4a145b2354796b65fa8bd5da49daf7d9d886b192 now able to connect to iphone, bluetooth speaker
  3. Hello, here i have my EFI working with Big Sur. almost features working: wifi: i use a tl-wn725n bluetooth: not working yet usb port: ok hdmi: not tested yet audio: ok built-in camera: ok touchpad: ok if there is any fixes for bluetooth, please share here my specs: i5 4310m HD4600 8gb(dual-channel) 320gb hdd my efi here (also have mojave/clover and catalina/opencore) https://github.com/KD-AIP/Hackintosh-E6440/tree/BigSur_OC contact me on fb: fb/kaotd
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