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[Fix] Webcam not working in 10.9.2


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Hey all,


By now many OSX users have updated to 10.9.2, and it brings awesome new functionality, such as Face Time audio. But many users (Mac and Hackintosh) have noticed that iSight and Webcams are not working. This also fixes the VDCAssistant crash error.


The simple fix is to uninstall any 3rd Party video driver. This is being fixed in 10.9.3 betas, but for now...


A list of conflicting drivers;


- DisplayLink software

- AirParrot

- Air Display

- iDisplay

- Splashtop virtual display driver

- ScreenRecycler

- All programs that create a virtual screen


To fix your iSight, delete the program, and its related kexts from /S/L/E/ and or /E/E/. If you know what kexts the program installs, just google "yourprogram uninstall mac"


If you find a conflicting program, feel free to post it up and I will add it to the list!

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