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    Let us know how it goes. I haven’t messed with my E6410 for a while but it worked great on Mavericks when it was my primary laptop.
  2. Yes did you get it all worked out? also i have a E6410. I have been wanting to get it up and running with sierra. Did you have any guides that you followed? any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. So I got it up and running, but kept having hot reboots if I didn't have it plugged in. It was really random. Leon, when you replaced the wifi card did you see a increase in performance overall or just with the wifi?
  4. I am trying to install this on my D430, but I cannot seem to get it written to a flash drive and boot. what was the method you used to write the image on a flash drive. and the steps you took, because I look online and find a lot of confusing stuff. Thanks in advanced
  5. So I tried everything in this post for the app store, and nothing. Then I tried pokenguen advice: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6559-app-store/?hl=%2Bopen+%2Bdpcimanager+%2B1.5&do=findComment&comment=38625 - Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete these files: CaptiveNetworkSupport com.apple.airport.preferences.plist com.apple.network.eapolclient.configuration.plist NetworkInterfaces.plist - Go to System Preferences > Network, delete all connection. Then restart- Go to System Preferences > Network, add your connection again.</p> This f
  6. So I went for the upgrade yesterday. After it installed and rebooted, it forced safe-mode on me and everything seemed to be broken. But I booted up to myHack bootable installer and re-installed the extra folder and it rebooted flawlessly and so far it seems to be working like it did before the update.
  7. What do you mean by the delta update?
  8. On another note, has anyone tried 10.9.3 update? I am going to as soon as I get home and can try it with my external HDD.
  9. I followed what Deano said and I still cannot get it to work. I also deleted all of the Network Interfaces and ensured ethernet was first. Any other ideas to try?
  10. Has anyone tried this out yet?
  11. What if I just leave the appleupstreamclient.kext enabled. That worked on my D830. The mouse was a little sluggish, but if I plugged in one through usb or tweaked the touchpad settings it worked great. Thoughts? is that all I am looking at is sluggish mouse.
  12. Just curious if the sluggish mouse was the only collateral from leaving that kext enabled?
  13. So I decided to leave the appleupstreamclient.kext enabled on my Latitude D830 and now works. I believe it is because of the DRM content. and to fix the sluggish mouse I can either use a usb mouse, or tweak touchpad settings.
  14. I did this and it still doesn't work for me.
  15. I did think of using search, and that is what it told me to do. I did it, just as it said. I even went as far as to remove NetoworkInterface.plist to no avail. It is indeed first in the list. but I am still getting could not be verified error.
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