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  1. Hello Hackintoshers, long time lurker + hacker here. I am curious if anyone has tried getting 10.8 (or 10.9) to run on an APU. I have read threads on other sites claiming successful installations. I think a nice a8/a10 Kaveri machine would make a very nice affordable hackintosh if possible. I know OSX much prefers Intel and last I checked you needed to do certain hacks to get it to run on AMD, or you needed to use Legacy software. Just checking in to see if this has changed, I am trying to ditch Intel as much as possible after some recent "back door" revelations brought forward by the Linux community. Would be awesome to get the APU power in an OSX laptop for ~$400 Assuming it hasn't been done succesfully, but let me know!
  2. Awesome man! Cannot wait to try it out, won't have time til the weekend though, I'll be watching this thread.
  3. Good to hear. I had a lot of problems using that and kext wizard getting my cache to work, as you probably remember
  4. What you want to do is add another HDD. Personally, I have a Crucial m4 128gb holding OSX, and a 500gb holding linux, windows 7, and downloads from OSX. You can buy a caddy for the e6410 optical drive for under 20$ on ebay. EDIT: You may also want to keep the company windows drive in the optical bay if you think you are going to use the OSX side more. I am not sure if there is a speed difference, although I hope the SATA controllers are the same for CD / HDD
  5. What's the general consensus on 10.9? I just got the osx86 email. Patel do you plan to upgrade and be the guinea pig? Are we moving to a new thread? Let us know, I don't think there is a giant e6410 community xD
  6. You are very right, I can't really recommend that buy anymore I got a laptop used with the nvidia card for LESS than what ebay has them for. If they had the card then it would be a great buy (New + lots of stock) but NOPE
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Latitude-E6410-W7-14-1-LED-Intel-i5-520M-Dual-Core-2-4GHz-4GB-250GB-DVD-RW-/360768628672 If you guys are interested, now is your time to buy. Get a NICE hacbook for 300$
  8. As far as I know, no fix for sleep yet. But be sure to enlighten us if you do fine one. Make sure your wifi card is compatible. No support for intel wifi cards
  9. 10.8.5 working great so far on my laptop. I believe my boot times are even faster than 10.8.3. I reluctantly updated after I saw 10.8.3 was no longer given access to appstore. Unfortunately for me, I had not installed Xcode before 10.8.5 was released QQ. Small issues; Install hangs with "bluetooth setup assistant" -- Easy just disable bt from bios, and toggle wifi switch off during install. Post install I did have to update to the 10.8.4 S/L/E folder because I was doing the combo update from 10.8.3. Also Wifi did not work as expected, so I had to replace the airportd file. Also a warning to those with 10.8.3, if you decide to update, you will need to update the 10.8.4 kexts, specifically IOFamily & AHCIPort, from outside of OSX. The combo update has a built in reboot step you cannot fix or do anything about as far as I know. So do not upgrade if you do not feel comfortable in single user mode or have a windows partition with MacDrive (awesome software). If you don't feel comfortable in Single User mode yet, start practicing, you're going to want 10.8.5 eventually
  10. I'm gonna interject one more time and encourage you to DFT your hard drive. It really can't hurt, will take time, but wont hurt. Windows seems to behave well with bad drives until you are passed the point of no return.
  11. Just sayin, doesn't hurt to test. A bad HDD can cause all sorts of weird issues, and just because you can boot into windows and load programs, doesn't mean it isn't bad.
  12. You may have a bad hard drive. I would DFT it using HBCD just to be safe, definitely a shot in the dark, but you're descriptions don't match up to the common hackintosh problems I see. (More to the dead hard drive problems I see at work )
  13. "Custom kexts and repository directories are not allowed when updating system kext caches"
  14. I think you are not following it 100% based on this. I didn't get my mouse working the first time because I forgot to install the proper Extra folder using myhack AFTER making the installer. Also be careful of when you install what 10.8.X kexts. You don't touch the patch specific folder until after the install for the most part. Read it VERY carefully. EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion Herve will try now.
  15. I know I'm destroying this board right now -- but this is interesting. I just timed my current boot times with and without verbose mode. With -v : 2:50 Minutes Without -v: 0:28 Minutes is Verbose mode triggering -f as well? I am a little baffled and frustrated I didn't try on my previous install (I always booted with -v in plist)
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