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  1. Hello all, I'd like to apologize for not being able to help many of you as much as I'd like these past few months. I've been extremely busy with life . Thank you for those of you that have posted about the 10.10.3 update and PlutoDelic for working through a Clover install. I hope to try it out soon, as my E6410 is currently "out of order" (my dual boot got messed up and I haven't had a chance to fix it ). Keep up the good work guys!
  2. The one problem I had with this method was that I couldn't access the /S/L/E folder on the created installer. It just didn't exist. No idea why... Great finds though. I for one can't wait to try out Clover on the 6410. Better than Chameleon imo.
  3. I'm on A16 and have created multiple usb installers just fine on my 6410...
  4. Okay for those having problems creating the installer, I've re-created and re-uploaded the zip in case of possible corruption. FWIW, I didn't find anything wrong (in terms of corruption) with the zip that was already uploaded...
  5. It's possible that the zip could be a bad upload. I'll try and reupload it today. Also, the guide works with 10.10.2 with the nVidia graphics. Tried it myself on a clean build.
  6. Yes, my mistake. I thought it was a DW1510, but it is in fact a 1520. Sorry about that! The 1510 BCM4322 is the one that should work with this install.
  7. Try plugging in a physical USB keyboard. Or disable bluetooth from the BIOS if you don't have one.
  8. If you managed to install OS X using the guide, then yes, once it's installed, it should work without a problem
  9. I use it as my daily driver/main machine, so I can definitely vouch for its reliability. Just make sure not to update it without checking the forum first! Also, Mountain Lion isn't your only option; Yosemite works too
  10. The touchpad driver that is currently part of the installation process is the best one I have found thus far. If you find a better one, please share! Also, the forced graphics for 1440x900 should be changeable via the org.boot.chameleon.plist Lastly, the stock, Intel wireless card in the machine doesn't have the kext available. Unfortunately, such is the case with many Intel cards. If you want wifi, you will have to replace it with the Dell Wireless 1510. Once installed, all the necessary kexts should also be installed and you can use wifi without a problem.
  11. Try booting with -f and if that doesn't work, list the kexts you have in /Extra/Extensions.
  12. Hey Pluto, Great job! That seems like an awesome breakthrough. What kexts were ADDED to /S/L/E? They may be named something different. I'd try filtering by Date Added/Created Basically, by finding out, you may be able to determine which kext is delivering the version number of 10.1.43. Also, in case you want to try and revert back to your previous state to see the difference, I give you the unmodified NVDAStartup.kext from my system: NVDAStartup.kext.zip Hopefully just a rename of the old NVDAStartup + Other kexts that the install added and a permissions repair after you drop in the attached kext should put you back where you were prior to installing the newer driver. Again, great job and I can't wait to see what this leads to . EDIT: Wanna do us all a favor and try sleep? If I remember correctly, it didn't work previously due to graphics power management! Would the new driver fix that? :0
  13. Don't forget the space between sudo and the script.
  14. Don't forget to run it with sudo, like this: sudo Then hit return/enter.
  15. Try using F12 at boot, selecting the HDD and seeing if the bootloader shows up. If it does, you have to swap the boot order around to put your hard drive on top.
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