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  1. Absolutely, i did some research before going with it, according to this guy, i'm good to go. It''s a buzz killer that it only operates at one lane. Worst case scenario, it'll sit there as a second storage, which i prefer having one anyway. PS, just a few side questions. Is it worth having 32GB RAM, and what is the best speed it can do (mine's a i5-6200u). Got 16GB at 2400mhz right now. And yea, any thoughts on OpenCore? Seems like a lot of people are jumping ship with good feedback. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Hi Guys, I was wondering if i may stumble on any struggles if i change a few organs inside the laptop. Mainly planning to change the M.2 SATA to M.2 NVMe, and trying to get my hands on a M.2 NVMe 2242 SSD to use on the WWAN slot (confirmed that it works, but it has to be NVMe/PCI interface). I know that the WWAN interface runs at only one pcie lane, but would Catalina work on it at all? It will definitely be a dual-boot scenario, although i still havent made my mind up which OS goes where. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just made a hackie for a friend, a E5410. I loved its method of booting in to an EFI File, it even had a Browse click. That said, it even booted and detected the EFI partition of GPT Drives. The same thing applies for the HDD. I have a Dual HDD system in my E6410, where i installed Windows 10 in UEFI. Copying Clover there WORKS, but i dont know WHY. I will join the testing soon, work has left me 6 months without a challenge...
  4. boy i am happy you did this. Let me get this one straight, a GPT USB drive...how did you manage to boot it? (UEFI Approach??) Also, i really thought i knew a few things, but the Hackie community makes it really easy to confuse oneself. The kexts, is there any benefit of installing them in /L/E (or /S/L/E) compared to injecting them in the kext folder in Clover? again dudu, thanks a lot for this .
  5. My honest opinion for your scenario, hands off dual booting in a single disk, nothing but issues there.
  6. Lads, i will be having some spare time soon and am willing to try it out any guide. Whoever has a caddy on the side, you can benefit a lot by having a UEFI Windows 10 installation on the first disk, where one can put Clover there, and leave OS X completely Stock/Vanilla on the other disk. Our Dell seems to be interested only in the Windows type of EFI implementation, therefore its GPT scheme is not the same as the standard. While standard GPT creates an EFI partition in the beginning of the disk, Dells do not seem to be looking there. Here's a view of the Windows EFI scheme (notice the 2nd Disk, which is my OS X, it has a Standard scheme) Manual EFI entries in the Dell Bios work if you apply the correct path for EFI, and it's pretty easy as all you have to do is reverse engineer Windows EFI path. Really looking forward to this thread .
  7. I have a similar update for a thunderbolt firmware showing up on my E6410. I've found the Hide update thing in App Store, but it doesnt work on Yosemite, strange.
  8. It seems, injecting EDID parameters in Clover/Chameleon messes up the internal options of any screen attached in VGA. For odd reasons, i have a 23" that shows 1080p at OS X, but in Windows it wont go further then 1024x768, it actually shows that resolution as Native. What a ridiculous issue. PS, i have found out that the BIOS/UEFI is way less strict in detecting EFI partitions in the secondary SATA port, which is the Optical interface (i have a 2nd HDD installed), will investigate further in to this. So far, i havent found an EASY WAY for UEFI boot. EDIT: anyone have any idea why some drives are mounted as external drives, the 2nd HDD is actually OS X and it detects and mounts itself as a Yellow Icon, exactly like the external hard drives? Interestingly though, i think HDD I/O times feel faster.
  9. Same thing on the E6410, Primary HDD overheats, where as my HDD on the Caddy doesnt. Clover user as well...
  10. Yes, however only under clover. I have attached a config.plist somwhere in this thread. No DP Audio btw.
  11. UEFI seems full of surprises For whatever reason, Ethernet decided to show up. Battery readings are a bit better but still with break ups on reading (X on battery appears less frequently). The graphics driver update trick i found out before does not work, and sometimes it even boots as it doesnt have any kext at all. The built-in graphics kext however underperforms comparing to Legacy boot, and i am not sure why this would make any difference. Do DSDT stuff matter when switching from Legacy to UEFI???
  12. In my utmost honest opinion, hands off from dual booting on the same drive. I removed my OS X drive when i installed WIN, and the same from the other side, just so i dont touch their boot factors. My plan previously was to include both in Clover somehow, now i just split them in UEFI (but nothing escapes clover ). I found that Windows can screw things up for OS X, especially that it touched the MBR stuff now (seriously, i have no idea why). Wait another week at least if you need a full guide for Clover, i am still fighting with a few anomalies, for some reason my Ethernet disappeared.
  13. no need for experimental testing as it really works, but the way it works is weird...i have pin pointed everything in here, nothing concrete of a guide yet. Most of the tips came from a thread i've posted at InsanelyMac, the last few inputs really progressed this research. If you are comfortable with clover, it wont take more then 10 minutes to figure out what i did, but i just cant put a guide on without knowing why the UEFI is behaving this certain way. Do you plan to Dual Boot by any chance?
  14. Guys, i've made it to a fully bootable UEFI installation, is there anything i can do that may help us? The guide is still under development and not ready for everybody as it isnt very standard yet, but i am working on that.
  15. There is some progress here and i may need the pro's help in figuring things out. A few months a go, i ordered a Hard Drive Caddy since i desperately need a machine that can run Microsoft Visio. I made a UEFI/GPT USB through Rufus, installed it and now i'm a happy windows camper. That's when i started the research for OS X UEFI as well and stumbled on the Clover ISO's. Initially, i wiped a USB into a GPT one and found out no matter what i do, the EFI partition will not play any role for our Dell BIOS. Then i stumbled on a guide in Insanelymac where a guy mimicked the partition layout of GPT in to an MBR, meaning he did a MBR USB with two partitions, one for clover and one for OS X. He made a package filtered for UEFI only, but pretty much contained the same what the ISO's have. It booted and it installed 10.10.3 all fine. Now before i installed OS X on the Hard Drive, i've done the same USB procedures on the hard drive, but with GPT (mind you, the USB boots with GPT as well, but you totally have to ignore the original EFI). Apart from the original EFI partition, i created a 300MB FAT32 partition named CLO and a 100GB partition for Yosemite, and went for the installation. To my surprise, UEFI did not detect it, and this pissed me off. I asked myself a single question, WTF does Windows have that Clover/OS X doesnt. I tell you what, a very weird partitioning layout. Look for yourself: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *500.1 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Microsoft Basic Data CLO 314.6 MB disk0s2 3: Apple_HFS Yose 99.1 GB disk0s3 4: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk0s4 5: Apple_HFS Data 399.7 GB disk0s5 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *320.1 GB disk1 1: DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC 314.6 MB disk1s1 2: EFI NO NAME 104.9 MB disk1s2 3: Microsoft Reserved 134.2 MB disk1s3 4: Microsoft Basic Data Windows10 107.9 GB disk1s4 5: Microsoft Basic Data WinData 211.6 GB disk1s5 Notice the different locations for both EFI partitions. DISK0 is obviously OS X with a proper GPT layout and the EFI is the first partition, even if you totally wipe a GPT-ed drive, the EFI will always be there (there are ways to delete it however). Now notice the EFI on DISK1, it's the 2nd partition, right after what microsoft calls MRP (Microsoft Recovery Partition), and after EFI you have the so called MSR (Microsoft Reserved Partition) partition. I went so far, that i started a Windows UEFI installation at my OS X drive, just so i can have those partitions, and for odd reasons, Disk Utility does not like them at all, it wont even delete them. And on the brink of giving up, i had this idea to copy Clover on the already existing Windows EFI partition, AND IT WORKS, i had to add it manually in the BIOS, but it actually works. I know one thing, the standard GPT means EFI at the beginning, and im pretty sure UEFI has to play along. This case seems like Dell adapted to Microsoft, and Microsoft does not give a single crap about standards. This all started as a reason for me to give a proper guide for Clover on E6410, but i cant tell people to get a HDD Caddy. Is there any way i could cross-compare the two EFI's? Mounting the Windows EFI with Clover Configurator it responds with "Unexpected disk identifier: disk1s2", but it does mount it successfully.
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