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  1. Hello, maybe update VirtualSMC to the latest? Also, do you have this issue with the battery indicator?
  2. Hello forum, I recently discovered that my E7470 Catalina's battery indicator is faulty. If I reboot while on battery, the battery will always drop to 6% after a minute from boot despite I still have much charge left. I am using VirtualSMC and SMCBatteryManager. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. I can also confirm DW1820A works for E7470.
  4. On the chip it says: CN-096JNT BCM94356ZEPA50DX_2
  5. I can confirm HDMI works but I don't have a DP device to test. For DW1820A, I used AirportBrcmFixup_v2.0.4.kext; added "brcmfx-country=#a" under config.plist - boot; and in config.plist - devices - properties: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1c,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) -> attached photo. Reference (in Chinese): https://blog.daliansky.net/DW1820A_BCM94350ZAE-driver-inserts-the-correct-posture.html
  6. I ran the script again with partition unlocked. Now I have HIDPI with 1440*810 resolution. I am satisfied.
  7. With this new config, the wallpaper does not glitch. With your config, it shows HD540 but everytime the wallpaper changes, the system glitches. How can i add back the DP support? The DW1820a works in my case. I didn't have to change the pins.
  8. @Jake LoDid you also use that script for hidpi? If you did, I would give another try. I am not confident about using the script again as if it freezes again, I have to reinstall the system again. Yet, I tried using hackintool but it doesn't seem to be working.
  9. I used Hackintool to fix the framebuffer to be my iris 540. The attached is my debug. Do you think all is normal? debug_25350.zip
  10. @Chuon Hi! How did you enable HIDPI? I used the script found here :https://github.com/xzhih/one-key-hidpi Then when I enter my password at the mac login, it freezes.
  11. I installed Catalina recently but I found the wallpaper is glitched. Is that normal? Is there a way I can fix it?
  12. Thank you for the reply. The GPU of the 6650U is Iris 540, shoudn't there be a problem since the guide specified the GPU to be HD520. Also could you please tell me what BIOS should I use. I saw in the post that the bios version specified lastly was 1.17.5, yet the latest BIOS from DELL is 1.22.8. Which one should i use?
  13. Hello Jake! I recently acquired a E7470 but with the 6650U processor. I saw in this thread you provided a config and DSDT for 6650U but I can no longer download the file. Can you upload that one again? Thank you!
  14. problem found. It's the camera. after i disable it from the bios, sleep is good. But when I wake up, the camera is automatically re-enabled. Is there any solution to this?
  15. I just installed EL Capitan on my E6230 and encountered instant wake up issue. My configuration is 3540m, wifi card is bcm 94352 and is working with kext found on hackintosh Vietnam. all others can be found in this thread: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-el-capitan-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=54621 The wake reason is LID0 EHC2, which is lid opened. however, that's not the case. Can someone help me?
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