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  1. Still not working on the Installer. But in the completed install it works. Trackpad and Sleep is not working for me, but every thing else is fine. Thank you for providing your bootpack.
  2. Did you try the Big Sur installer too? Or just the completed install ?
  3. Thanks for providing this, but i got no luck with booting up the installer. I think i got an kernel/cpu panic right after lilu is loaded. I took your EFI and just changed the Device Properties to my serial and so on. Or do i need an special SMBIOS configuration. (Even my Catalina is not starting up with your EFI)
  4. Hey everyone, i wanted to open this topic because I haven't seen any similar here. I tried to install Big Sur Beta 2 on my Latitude E7470 and ran into some Problem. Has anyone successfully installed Big Sur on the E470 or an similar Latitude? I dont know if its better to make an fresh install or an upgrade from my Catalina installation. Bu didnt want to mess up my Catalina installation so im more into an clean install. So for that I read, that Copencore (0.6.0) is the better option. But i ran into some problems again. Some where caused by some outdated kexsts. After upgrading or disable them the boot stuck a bit later in kind of an loop. After this weekend i will provide additional information, but if anyone mad any progress pleas let me know or give me an hint Thanks in advance, David
  5. Hey, in that E7470 thread, I uploaded my whole EFI folder. The kexts to Copy must be the same for your model. Make sure to fix permissions and rebuild the kextcache, I need this every time after I change something at the kext stuff.
  6. Hey @Dzung Pham, hmm this Error never occured again after I used the EFI folder and Bootpack from Jake Lo. Have you tried sudo kextcache -I / after the Post installation steps ? I always have to do this after I change the kexts in /Library/Extensions/ My E7470 has a different Hardware maybe its because of this: 2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Intel HD Graphics 520 1536 MB 8GB 2133 Mhz DDR4 I got you my complete EFI folder just in case Good Luck EFI-E7470.zip
  7. I removed verbose mode and the debug=0x100 tag and now it takes like 1 minute or so, thats fine. still got the HDMI Problem, every time i plug in the hdmi cable, the internal monitor gets black.. Maybe its because of the external monitor, i will try a different one later. The monitor normally should have 1920x1080p
  8. I googled a bit and found the -disablegfxfirmware fixed it for me, now it boots normal without the -igfxvesa tag. Also the graphics now shows the full 1536mb instead of just 7mb. I can change the brightness of the internal display too. Should the HDMI Port work? When I plug in a Monitor via HDMI the screen of the Laptop gets black but the monitor does not recognise an input. The thunderbolt port works fine to connect a monitor. Is it normal that the Laptop takes a bit long to start up ? It takes like 3-5 Minutes... Thank you again for your help, I thing i´m starting to understand how this stuff works
  9. Yes thats right, tried without, but then the same problem... Tried to copy the kexts again to the efi partition. Tried to copy the kext for /Library/Extensions/ again and rebuilt the kextcache but nothing changed. I will try to do all the post-installation process again, maybe I did something wrong there
  10. Nice, that worked! Post installation worked well too. Looking forward to replace the wireless card to have wifi and bluetooth and get the SD Card Reader working. Just got a few graphical problems: 1. In Safari and Finder there are some some problems with multiple tabs, see photos 2. I can not adjust the brightness of the internal screen. Are there any "out of the box" fixes, that I can try ? Thank you very much for your help.
  11. Thank you, the EFI folder and bootpack worked and got me into the installation menu. After that I could install MacOS to the SSD and it finished the installation. At the "final restart" it stuck at the end of loading, I attached the photos of it.
  12. Thank you for your response, the Version of the Catalina Installer is 15.4.01, I don't know witch version of MacOS it is. Thank you, I will try the EFI folder and the bootpack
  13. Hey, I'm very new to the topic of hackintosh and want to try it just for fun. I have an old Dell Latitude E7470 and want to install Catalina. I followed the guide of Jake Lo and took his bootpack for the E7470. But it stucks at the very beginning after trying to start the macOS installation. I tried a few things, but nothing did change anything. Thank you for your help, David ps: I knew there are some Problems with the brightness and the wireless cards, but first want to install Catalina and face these problems afterwards.
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