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[Success] Latitude E7470 Installation problems


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I'm very new to the topic of hackintosh and want to try it just for fun.


I have an old Dell Latitude E7470 and want to install Catalina. 


I followed the guide of Jake Lo and took his bootpack for the E7470. But it stucks at the very beginning after trying to start the macOS installation.


I tried a few things, but nothing did change anything. 


Thank you for your help,



ps: I knew there are some Problems with the brightness and the wireless cards, but first want to install Catalina and face these problems afterwards. 




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Thank you, the EFI folder and bootpack worked and got me into the installation menu. 


After that I could install MacOS to the SSD and it finished the installation.


At the "final restart" it stuck at the end of loading, I attached the photos of it.



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Nice, that worked! Post installation worked well too.

Looking forward to replace the wireless card to have wifi and bluetooth and get the SD Card Reader working.


Just got a few graphical problems:


1. In Safari and Finder there are some some problems with multiple tabs, see photos 

2. I can not adjust the brightness of the internal screen.

Are there any "out of the box" fixes, that I can try ?


Thank you very much for your help. 



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So I assumed you have installed Clover and copy the Clover folder over from the USB installer?

The reason graphics issue is due to booting with -igfxvesa. Have you tried booting without that switch?

Make sure to build kextcache before rebooting.

 sudo kextcache -i /


SD Card reader is not supported yet, there's development of a kext but has long been idle.

Replace your wifi with a DW1560, DW1830 or DW1820a (with patches)

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