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  1. I’m having issues loading the kexts. If I have to guess, I’d say the injector kext is not loading the vanilla ar40 kext. The fixup kext seems to load. (Clover, SLE give same result). AR9485, 10.13.5, lilu 1.2.7, boot flag set correctly. It only worked once for me, died after reboot. Says no hardware installed, ioreg shows no kext loaded for airport. Hope you could update the kexts to address this issue.
  2. There are commits to Linux upstream that seem to address such issues. I’m not sure when/if I’ll have time to update the driver.
  3. FWIW, I've submitted a fix to Clover (commit 4194). Details: #71
  4. Of course!! I'm sorry for not updating it in so long. I have a ton of studying If you don't mind, I'll share my code here for now till I have time to sync/update on github. This code has the fix for interrupt (As suggested by the Linux devs). This fixed most sleep issues. sourceR6.zip
  5. That contradicts what you said in your last post. Which version are you using? Also, it would be helpful if you check log after sleep to see where its failing.
  6. The sleep problem on some Latitudes is caused by a bad BIOS/EC. (According to Linux ALPS developers) R6RC2: - Ignore invalid packets (instead of buffering). FIXED SLEEP ON V7 LATITUDE CONFIRMED BY "bigahega". (It should fix sleep on V8, V3 Rushmore as well.) Known issues: - V7 and V8 tracksticks disabled. (till someone fixes it or helps me fix it) - V6 not supported. - As usual, most settings in prefpane won't work. They're not made for ALPS. R6RC2.zip
  7. Well, I had a good look at the log and first thing I noticed is that x and y sometimes have unrealistic values. They cannot be >127 so I filtered those out. 3: - Filter out any packet reporting x or y >127 (not sure if I should filter or just set to zero so let's experiment) - remove V8 valid packet check from interrupt (yet another attempt at sleep). - disable trackstick buttons for now. ========= I wish I could see how x and y values change in response to trackstick direction. You could use "Jake Lo 2" build and try to figure out a pattern. Things like x bigger or smaller than y, positive or negative, in relation to direction change. Good Luck Jake Lo 3.zip
  8. Could you post a sample from the report in log? I wanna see if there are any wrong-looking packets that need filtering. Also, did you have sleep problems with other systems too? V3 and V7? Does this version fix it? @others: Anyone else still having problems with sleep? (With jake lo 2 build) Did it fix or break sleep for anyone?
  9. @Jake Lo: I made a mistake in last test build. Sry, try new attachment instead. ======== In fact, EVERYONE ELSE should use the "Jake Lo 2" build instead of R6RC1 because it actually fixes a very major mistake. (Affects stability and sleep). And PLEASE REPORT if you try it.
  10. According to this, everything is working correctly. The driver is correctly announcing multitouch prefpane compatibility. (screenshot) You may have an problem with your install (corruption or something) or maybe it's another issue which I don't know. Edit: You may wanna try deleting settings as per this guide before considering further steps... http://osxdaily.com/2014/08/01/mac-mouse-trackpad-weird-behavior-troubleshooting/
  11. If you want, here's another build which adds: - Debug output for Trackstick. - Minor changes to button handling. - Reset buffer after sleep When macOS starts, do NOT touch trackstick, then open console. Move trackstick without touching any buttons and check console for ALPS: Trackstick report: The point of this is to identify any incorrect packets that need to be filtered like with Rushmore. Also check sleep again. EDIT: Sry, I made a mistake with last version. Hope you haven't tested it yet. Use 2 instead. Jake Lo.zip Jake Lo 2.zip
  12. The ioreg shows that Release 5 is loaded!!!! Something is wrong with your kext installation. Maybe duplicates, or you're confusing old and new kexts. Delete any voodoops2 kext from: /System/Library/Extensions /Library/Extensions In clover folder: /kexts/10.12 and /kexts/other After making sure everything is deleted, empty trash and run kext utility 2.6.6 app (search google) to rebuild caches. WAIT till everything finishes. THEN: put R6RC1 kext in clover's "/kexts/10.12" folder.
  13. I'm not ignoring you. I just don't have a fix because I don't know why that's happening to you. You're the only person with this issue. I think you have a problem with your mac install. Upload an ioreg dump.
  14. After lots of help from Tuurbo, I’m happy to announce that the Latitude sleep problem is probably fixed for good using Linux 4.4 code to maintain V7 and V8 compatibility. At this point, it’s safe to assume that the driver is stable enough to be labelled as Release Candidate. R6RC1: - Patch Linux 4.4 Interrupt to fix sleep on Dell Latitude - Reject bare PS2 packets (from external port) - Fixed driver reset during startup (as you may have noticed in log, it was starting twice) - Update V8 trackstick code from upstream. - Enable V8 trackstick (to see if upstream changes make it any better) - Separate dispatch code from alps to make things cleaner to work with - More cleanups - Disable all build optimizations Known issues: - Most preference pane settings do not work. - V7 trackstick is disabled for now - V8 trackstick is probably buggy - V1 and V2 probably need some fixing What to test: As usual, test general performance and stability. People with sleep issues should test again. V8 trackstick users, please report if it works. R6RC1.zip
  15. R6B6 uses interrupt handling from Linux 3.13 which breaks support for V8 and causes bad performance for V7. The sleep problem seems to be mostly with Dell Latitude laptops. People with sleep problem, could you please try R6B6?!! @Tuurbo: Did you try both B10 and B10fixed? If not try the other and tell me if it makes a difference. Also keep console open before sleep, and on wake check for ALPS messages. Perhaps it could give a clue about what's happening. Or is the driver not starting? (i.e. No messages after sleep)
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