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  1. I have downloaded Tp-link driver from tp-link website , but it is wn 722 N , then i try to use usb clover wireless adapter it also not worked ... I am thinking that my mac version has not installed atheros driver , I have attached my EFI Folder kindly check that what is missing , and also if you have working EFI folder then kindly share with me, EFI_E5470_Cat.zip
  2. Hi I have installed catalina in dell e5470 core i5 6generation , Intel hd graphics 520 what is not working ? Tplink wn727N usb wifi ( I have also try Wireless-USB-Adapter-Clover) but no usb plugin error are showing Brightness Toucpad I have attached my EFI folder EFI.zip
  3. it was also not working on chamelon , when i installed el capitan with enoch bootloader , what kind of specification you need ??
  4. i have successfully installed mac os high sierra , but unable to run wifi , i have intel mausi internet 82579lm . i am currently using tplink wifi adapter to run wifi , please fix this issue .
  5. Library Kext com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBCommon not found Could not alloc Class "AppleUSBEHCIPCI" i am using chamelon legacy boot loader , please see the image
  6. you both reply to me , but no one give me guide , on how to install high sierra on my dell e6420 ???
  7. I have installed el capitan on my laptop , now i want to install mac Os high Sierra or Mojave , my specs images :
  8. i have installed Enoch r2921 on my mac installed drive and also copy extra folder from my usb installer driver to load kext . so when i boot my laptop it directly show me chamelon boot loader option , but i am unable to boot window 10 using chamelon boot loader , how can i configure both . i pluged a external tp link usb to connect with internet , now i need to fix Audio ,
  9. Hey Many Many thanks to you , i have successfully installed el capitan on my hdd , Q -what is the problem now ? i have installled mac on already installed windows 10 , i have created a partition on my hdd and install mac on in it , now when i restart it will not show option to boot mac os , what should i have to do now . and one more thing wifi is not working , what i do for internet to be work ...
  10. i don't the el capitan version , please tell me which version of kext i have to download ///
  11. See my 2nd Generation Name in image : and tell me whether i have to copy Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts for Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs ? and which version i have to download?
  12. when i boot with my usb installer , it loads chamelon bootloader and after that give me this error on first attempt . my bios setting Sata Operation : AHCI virtuallization : disabled .
  13. and what about the Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts for Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPUs: should i also copy one of the patched ,
  14. i go to my usb installer drive , and right click on install el capitan.app file , so i see this version 1.7.50 . see below in image . tell me what is my el capitan version , and which vanilla kernel i have to download
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